Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  1. LIVE
  2. MAGIC
  3. MAZE (Regular only)
  4. DARLIN’ (Regular only)
  5. TWINKLE (Limited only)
  6. LIVE (Original Instrumental)
  7. MAGIC (Original Instrumental)
  8. TWINKLE (Original Instrumental)


Keeping with the energetic tone the duo has been putting out, LIVE kicks things out with a pretty strong guitar intro and keeps up with the strong push for the entire track is great.  AYAMO from what I can tell is getting a bit better at singing while AMO is just doing her thing sounding quite strong as she has been since their debut.  LIVE is pretty good of a song and it stands out to me more than “LET’S GO OUT” did.


The other A-side takes it down a notch and focuses more on their poppy side rather than their punk rock tone from “LIVE”.  I have to say that I’m kind of not liking AYAMO’s tone in the song because it’s so squeaky and pitchy while AMO still is just whooping her ass all over the floor lol.  MAGIC though does sound like Tomoko’s newer sound which makes sense but it’s quite catchy nonetheless.


Then the single splits off into it’s pressings only songs.  The regular features two extra tracks of both are solo tracks.  AMO goes first with MAZE.  It starts out with this VERY CREEPY intro of the girl telling us a story (in a British accent no less).  It made me think of Tommy’s Halloween songs with the way it was styled.  AMO though sounds SO GOOD in this song though which isn’t surprising but she does it so well!  I do like the waltz atmosphere when the song does get moving and even the synth/keyboard solo was really cool.  I have to say this was a surprisingly amazing track….give AMO a damn solo career xD.


Next is AYAMO’s turn at the mic with DARLIN’.  Of course I’ve said she’s the weaker vocalist of the two and it wasn’t surprising she was given a kind of genki punk rock track to try to give reason for her meh singing here.  I do like her Engrish though since she kind of has the same grasp as Tomoko does except younger lol.  The song is a bit like “LIVE” but this song sounds like it could’ve been better by AMO, just saying.


The limited edition comes with a different song sung by both girls of course!  However, unlike the previous tracks, this track is pretty made for some kind of shoujo anime because it’s sugary cute and I hear AYAMO a LOT in this song which is kind of meh to me.  Even AMO is trying to doll up her voice because it asks for it.  Not my kind of song though.

AMOYAMO’s 2nd single, LIVE/MAGIC is a tad bit better than their first single which shows progress for sure.  The leading tracks were both quite good on both aspects of their rock and pop vibes (which leads me to believe that Tomoko is fusing her heavenly and February personas into these two).  TWINKLE though was a bit too sugary cute and pitchy in vocals.  As for the solos, I was completely taken aback from AMO’s solo more than AYAMO’s.  Yeah a filled out single, but it was pretty good.


One Response to “AMOYAMO – LIVE/MAGIC”

  1. Micha Says:

    This single is not Tomoko’s work.

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