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Kavka Shishido – Kiken na Futari June 4, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kiken na Futari
  2. Tsuki no Kagayaki Kata
  3. Wonder Girl
  4. Hunger×Anger
  5. Kiken na Futari ~ROUDOKU~ (Regular only)

1. Kiken na Futari

Going into Kavka’s 3rd A-side, Kiken na Futari seems to be a tad more laidback, but still carries that flame that Kavka has securely been holding up since her debut and I still admire the energy she puts into her performances because she seems to be finding herself to be more comfortable with her vocals and her style of music and putting them together because I felt this is her best A-side yet!

2. Tsuki no Kagayaki Kata

I think for the first time, Kavka tried a ballad out to see how it’d turnout and for someone who is so focused on percussion, it was curious to see how’d she handle such a style.  I thought she did well, though her vocals aren’t totally the most strongest, the song was pretty good and the later addition of brass instruments and strings really kind of made the song pop out more too!

3. Wonder Girl

Fans of “Countdown” would pretty much enjoy Wonder Girl because it’s got the same sassy attitude and edgy atmosphere that really made both tracks really stand out amongst the other tracks in her discography.  I mean, it’s not as good as the previous two tracks because they’re real good, but this is a nice Kavka song.

4. Hunger×Anger

The last B-side is the Glico tie-in track and funny enough is pretty damn short only really 2 and a half minutes in length.  Though is it strange to say this song had the most potential of the four tracks and could’ve went a lot longer than it should have?  Hunger×Anger is just cool to listen to and Kavka sounds great singing!  Still…too damn short of a song!

5. Kiken na Futari ~ROUDOKU~

Finally the extra track on the regular edition of the single, I feel like it’s just Kavka speaking the lyrics of Kiken na Futari which is quite haunting when she’s speaking it.  After a short while, a latin guitar is thrown in, but it’s just there for aesthetic effect which I guess is a nice touch but was this track necessary?

As I finish Kavka’s 3rd single offering, I do think it’s a slight step down from “music”.  Kiken na Futari is a really solid A-side and is definitely her best one yet!  Tsuki no Kagayaki Kata is an interesting ballad track from her and would love to see her do more of this in the future!  Wonder Girl is more of what we’ve already heard from Kavka so it’s just there as that B-side that doesn’t win nor hurt the single.  Hunger×Anger is great if it wasn’t so short and the ROUDOKU version of Kiken na Futari is just a bonus incentive and it’s just didn’t work otherwise lol.


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