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MEG – SAVE June 8, 2013

Filed under: MEG — solarblade @ 9:19 pm


Track Listing

  1. SAVE
  2. Wasurenagusa -Yume wo Mite Ita-
  3. SAVE (off vocal ver.)
  4. Wasurenagusa -Yume wo Mite Ita- (off vocal ver.)


Compared to “KISS OR BITE” this is less synth heavy and has more focus with 8bit and guitars which is a strange mixture especially with MEG’s vocals being auto-tuned as well so it’s a bit odd.  SAVE though is a bit too frantic and messy in the arrangement and just doesn’t seem to be great A-side material.  I will say that I enjoyed the piano in the middle 8, but the rest of the song is just kind of weak.

2. Wasurenagusa -Yume wo Mite Ita-

I love the intro to Wasurenagusa because of the dreary and sad orchestral background.  It kind of picks up with some fun synths here and there, but the slowness of the song feels a bit too dreary and sluggish of a song to listen to.  It just sounds as messy as “SAVE” if not moreso.

Damn, comparing this single to its counterpart, “KISS OR BITE” is such a wide margin of appreciation.  This single felt lazy to me and both tracks really sounded like a mesh of sound that didn’t work together.  Maybe Wasurenagusa will grow on me, but SAVE just wasn’t that great.


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