Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  2. Gladiolus -Yume Nara Ii no ni-
  3. KISS OR BITE (off vocal ver.)
  4. Gladiolus -Yume Nara Ii no ni- (off vocal ver.)


Working with Teddyloid (quite well known in the electro community), KISS OR BITE is very familiar to MEG fans who’s been her fans when she was with Nakata and even before.  This song is a bit more gritty and has little traces of dubstep throughout.  I really love the song being so evil and just giving us a different side to MEG…though this feels like it would’ve been more effective as a Halloween released track, let’s be honest!

2. Gladiolus -Yume Nara Ii no ni-

Getting into the B-side of the single, Gladiolus lets up on the dark and creepy sound for something that would’ve oddly fit on her last album, “WEAR I AM”.  It’s got a flurry of synths but it also has some weird quirks about which definitely is MEG’s route for sure.  Her voice is a bit pitchy as she’s singing in a higher register, but it adds to the whole dreamscape sound of the track.  Not bad.



As the first of two simultaneously released singles out, I was curious about KISS OR BITE more because of the whole MEG ZOMBIES shtick she was doing (and I still don’t understand why it is, but whatever) this is a good single for her.  KISS OR BITE is just an evil song and I’m happy she returned to that for this single because it’s been a while (“FREAK” was probably the last one she did if I remember correctly).  Gladiolus is familiar territory for her, but it’s not bad, just a tad weak for me…still good job!!!


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