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Weather Girls – Koi no Love♥Sunshine June 8, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Koi no Love♥Sunshine
  2. Tonight’s weather
  3. Koi no Love♥Sunshine (Instrumental)
  4. Tonight’s weather (Instrumental)

1. Koi no Love♥Sunshine

Onto the group’s 3rd A-side, Koi no Love♥Sunshine is credited to be their summer A-side and it does sound like one too which we all know how much I LOVE those and there’s only a couple of songs that are actually good like KARA’s “GO GO Summer!”.  That being said, this track actually kind of reminds me of some AKB-related summer songs but with a tad more synths involved.  Though it does have a certain K-pop flair about it too which is something they’ve been known for since their debut.

2. Tonight’s weather

After knowing the group for a while and decided that they have better B-sides than their A-sides XD.  Tonight’s weather is just another reason because while it’s a bit more cheesy musically, it’s got a better structure and the vocals are so nice to listen to.  It’s very nice of a song and while I LOVE THE SHIT out of “Kimi Youhou”, this is a good contender!

As they come up to their first album, Weather Girls saved the best for last with Koi no Love♥Sunshine.  Finally, an A-side that I can get behind even though it does fall into the typical summer pop song category, at least Tonight’s weather is there to fully make the experience complete!  I’m curious for the album now! ^_^


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