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Let’s learn about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS June 12, 2013

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WOOO! We got news of the fourth game in the most interesting series Nintendo has put out!  Add in the fact that it’s two separate games for the series!!!

As you can tell there were so many different things shown.  First off let’s talk about the 3DS…version, I was surprised of the art direction, but it makes sense because Sakurai stated that he put black outlines on them because the 3DS screen is so small as it is (XL doesn’t help either lol) but it looks edgy and cool and then the Wii U version looks sharp in HD and I can’t wait to see more in the future of both games!


Watching the trailers, we got to see returns of the most of the main cast from the original (Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, Fox, and Donkey Kong (lulz at Yoshi being absent).  Then Melee’s Bowser and Brawl’s Pit.  A lot of them had graphical boosts (Samus being in her Other M suit, Bowser standing up more straight, Pikachu’s slimmer look) and there were some moveset changes (like Pit for example).  Though the biggest news are the three new characters introduced.


The first is Villager from the Animal Crossing series.  I assume Sakurai announced him first because of AC: New Leaf being released last week was a good enough reason to bring him in first.  From the looks of it, Villager seems to be a character of trickery and big rewards but hard to deal with.  I mean the axe-chopping tree smash move looks a bit odd to pull off, but could pull of damage.  Though it’s surprising to see him since Sakurai in the past (like back in Brawl days) said that AC was too friendly of a series to battle…but look at it now XD

Mega Man

With all that trouble Mega Man has been in (cancellations of games and Fatty Mega Man in Street Fighter vs. Tekken), it was a breathe of fresh air to finally see the Blue Bomber back in action!  It’s kind of funny though because he kind of reminds me of his Super Smash Flash style and MvC2 style as well.  He’s got tricks and power and it’s great to see Capcom finally letting this guy in (because we know how hyped up we were with Brawl).

Wii Fit Trainer

Though the biggest surprise was Sakurai’s first decision on his WTF character and it’s the Wii Fit Trainer.  No one expected her to be chosen and I feel like it’s a great choice because we really did need a new female representative.  From what was shown, she uses the exercise moves to attack (which does make her somewhat plain) but she has power.  Also besides Samus, we get to see her final smash (which is a larger-scaled version of Meowth’s Pay Day).


Well right from the start, we see a return of the Final Smash with both Samus and Trainer proving it (though it does make me wonder if Zero Suit Samus is returning because they didn’t show the aftereffects).

Crawling is back

Air Dodging, but it’s unknown if it’s like Melee’s or Brawl’s quite yet


According to Sakurai, there will be stage differences depending on the version of game.  The 3DS will focus more on stages based off the games from the handhelds while the Wii U version will focus more on the console games…so what do we know


  • Battlefield – it looks like Brawl’s version but still cool and basic.
  • Gerudo Valley – big!!! lol
  • Arena Ferox – looks like Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2
  • Stage based off of LoZ: Spirit Tracks – not a bad stage, small though
  • Stage based off of Super Mario Land: 3D – looks like the new Rainbow Ride 0.o
  • A Nintendog stage – Basic, but cute!
  • and other stages based off of New SMB 2 and Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • There’s also a DKCR3D stage but it looks too big to be a normal stage (adventure mode?)

Wii U

  • Battlefield – Same thing, but very pretty background
  • Skyloft – but acts in the way that Delfino Plaza and Mute City were before it
  • Boxing Ring – though it seems to be created solely for SSB and not from any particular series
  • Smashville 2
  • Dr. Wily’s Fortress
  • Wii Fit stage – very flat

Of the stages shown, to be honest…they feel slightly basic (with a couple standing out) I’m sure there’ll be a lot of exciting stages in the future.



That’s really it, I’ll prolly go into detail when more information come out ^_^ so keep an eye out!


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