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E3 and Corocoro! Pokemon X & Y NEWS!!! June 14, 2013

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What a great time to be a Pokémon fan right?  I mean E3 just finished and we got Corocoro that leaked all in the same week.  I didn’t expect too much, but damn Masuda did a great job with all this new information!  Let’s see what we have!!!

  • First of all, there’s a new type in town and that’s the Fairy type (which for all we know right now is to hold off Dragon types.  We learned that Sylveon is one of them which is GREAT news because they’ve been holding off on it for quite a while now.  Marill, Jigglypuff, and Gardevoir have also been announced as dual-Fairy types now too (so I assume Azumarill and Wigglytuff are part of this line-up.  For other old Pokémon, I would think the Clefairy line, Snubbull line, Mawile, and the trio from D/P/PT (Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit) will be Fairy-types too.
  • We got a couple of new styles of fighting, like Horde battle which is to put a little more difficulty but big rewards in battle by making you go 1 vs. 5 (yeah that’s a lot!).  Also there are Sky battles where well you fight in the sky (the unfortunate thing is that the Pokémon needs to be a Flying type or have the Levitate ability to do such a thing.
  • It looks like there’ll be more Pokémon to ride with them showing Rhyhorn off too.
  • Couple of places have been localized like the beginning town is Vaniville Town and the first gym is located at Santalune City which btw (Viola is the 1st gym leader and she has Bug Pokémon.
  • The PSS is kind of like the C-Gear which makes trading and battles a little more easier ^^.

Anyways, with most of the big news talked about, let’s get into the meat of the post THE NEW POKEMON!!!!



Noivern is the first we got to know and it’s a Flying/Dragon type which might not be the most original typing, but at least it kind of bases itself with Sound (like the Whismur line).  I’m sure it’s a final evolution of something too.  It looks pretty wicked and somehow might just make it on my team in my playthrough!

Scatterbug, Spewpa, Vivillon




Even though Vivillon was released first to the public, we still ended up getting the full line during the rest of the week!  Both Scatterbug and Spewpa are of the Bug type which makes sense (and I get strange Shuppet feels about Spewpa’s design) and parallels other lines in the past and Vivillon is a Bug/Flying which is definitely like Butterfree and Beautifly.  It’s an interesting line no doubt, but this might be just used for the first half of the game.



While Noivern and Vivillon were released in the first E3 trailer, the next three came out during the 2nd E3 trailer.  Starting with this hybrid of kelp and a seahorse, Skrelp is an interesting Pokémon for it’s looks, but it’s typing is more akin to like Tentacool and Qwilfish, it’s a Poison/Water type.  It looks a bit strange at first, but I bet it’ll evolve…plus Horsea might have a rival!



Our next one is a pure Water type, Clauncher, based on a crawfish, I feel like this might be the generation’s Krabby and Corphish so I assume it’ll just evolve into something more (though if it did, my mind is making it look like Armaldo or something).



So we also got to see Fletchling’s final evolution, Talonflame and like I expected, it did turnout to be a Fire/Flying type (which is kind of like a more watered down Moltres) lol.  My only problem is that name though, I mean that’s super lazy to name it TALONFLAME.  Though it looks like it’ll be a strong Pokémon especially since it knows Brave Bird and all!



Then Corocoro came out and brought 4 more Pokémon to the table (Scatterbug, Spewpa, Litleo, and Flabébé) I already talked about the first two because they’re pre-evolutions to Vivillon, but let’s get into the other two.  Litleo is probably the CUTEST Pokémon I’ve seen thus far in this generation and even though it reminds me a lot of Shinx, it’s still adorable in it’s own way.  It even has a unique typing of Fire/Normal which probably will shed once it evolves!



Our last new Pokémon is Flabébé who is a Fairy type (so no, there’s nothing to do with Grass-type here right?).  I guess the flower is used as a weapon perhaps?  I don’t know but this cute thing is considered the smallest and lighter Pokémon out there (I guess Ghost-types don’t count?).  It did start to make me wonder if Pokémon like Bellossom, Whimsicott, and Lilligant are Fairy-types too lol.  By the way, Flabébé is the first Pokémon to have accents in its name *gasp*



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