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AAA – Love Is In The Air June 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Love Is In The Air
  2. Eighth Wonder
  3. Special Preview (Memory Lane ~ TRAP ~ DRAMA ~ Believe) (CD only bonus track)
  4. Love Is In The Air (Instrumental)
  5. Eighth Wonder (Instrumental)

1. Love Is In The Air

Doesn’t it seem that AAA has been doing a bit too much with these Summer songs in this era with the last couple singles?  Love Is In The Air though seems to be a bit more electro dance pop which does pique my interest a lot more than “Niji” and “777” did.  I found something fresh about this track and the chorus is quite catchy to me!  Doesn’t surpass “PARTY IT UP” but this song is quite good!!

2. Eighth Wonder

As I feel AAA is probably going to name their 8th album after this (like they have with the last album) Eighth Wonder is quite a banger (and we’ve had quite a few of those in the era).  I love hearing Nissy and Urata kick it off again and it really has a sense of Ibiza and electro and heavy sounds throughout which REALLY caught me off guard.  Though as I continue through the song, the format sounds a lot like “I$M” where everyone has their chance to sing.  It’s a pretty edgy song though and I hope this makes the album cut because I want it to get the same treatment as the aforementioned song did.

3. Special Preview (Memory Lane ~ TRAP ~ DRAMA ~ Believe)

The 3rd track (as a bonus to CD onlys) there’s a preview of four songs (that I think will be on the album) but they’re split into small groupings.  The first song is Memory Lane which is Urata and Shinji singing together.  It’s actually a nice slow jam for them because both of the guys have more of the deeper and scruffy tone.  I love the song, but it could be a bit boring after a while.  TRAP comes next and it’s a duet between Chiaki and Misako which is no surprise because they’ve been doing that for a long time.  They get a more upbeat track, but still a bit R&B-ish in places.  Nissy and Misako come next with DRAMA and it sounds like some of those typical R&B ballads AAA has done in the past which is a bit disappointing.  Finally Shuta and strangely enough Hidaka combine for Believe and the song does wonders for Shuta (besides being another R&B track with a heavier beat).  Shuta sounds great and of course Hidaka does the rapping LOL.  As a whole, this track is kind of making me worried about the album because there wasn’t a lot of impressive moments here…

Love Is In The Air, is a pretty good single actually, 2nd to “PARTY IT UP” but I didn’t think I would because of how summery the A-side was, but I got to really enjoy that.  Eighth Wonder is a lot like “I$M” but that’s a good thing and the arrangement is surprisingly awesome.  The preview medley though did make me worry that the album isn’t going to be that great just from the four songs…though I liked the Chiaki/Misako duet and the Shuta/Hidaka duet the most.  Hope there’s some kind of change soon!


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