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°C-ute – Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma July 11, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kanashiki Amefuri
  2. Adam to Eve no Dilemma
  3. Dare ni mo Naishou no Koishite Iru no (Limited A, B, C, and Regular A only)
  4. Attakai Ude de Tsutsunde (Limited D and Regular B only)
  5. Kanashiki Amefuri (Instrumental)
  6. Adam to Eve no Dilemma (Instrumental)

1. Kanashiki Amefuri

Opening the single up we get Kanashiki Amefuri (not to be confused with the Airi/Chisato duet, “Kanashiki Heaven”).  When I first heard it, I hated it because it’s kind of a bit overdone with the synths like “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” was.  After a while, the song finally settled into itself and it sounds like a very fashionable kind of track.  I’m loving Airi and Maimi in the song (which is normal right?).  I still do feel that it’s a bit much on the synths but this isn’t a bad A-side, just not better than the next track.

2. Adam to Eve no Dilemma

I was definitely pleased with the other A-side, even if it’s in the same vein like “Kiss me Aishiteru” and “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” but this is kind of my style so I’m kind of biased whenever °C-ute tackles songs like these.  I’m quite surprised at how much Mai is in the song because I’ve gotten accustomed to just Airi, Maimi, and Chisato.  The song is pretty badass and has such a good drive going on!  This ranks up there with their last A-side in awesomeness!  Good job here!

3. Dare ni mo Naishou no Koishite Iru no

As the first song we got to hear from the single, I thought this was going to be an A-side at first but luckily it wasn’t.  I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the song that doesn’t totally work for them (especially since this sounds like a throwaway track from “Chou!WONDERFUL 6).  It doesn’t exactly help that the vocals are a bit more higher pitched so it kind of sounds a bit uncharacteristic for the group (after the A-sides, it’s really a stark contrast).  Does sound like a good concert song, but otherwise….not my kind of track.

4. Attakai Ude de Tsutsunde

The other B-side to the single, Attakai Ude de Tsutsunde is the slowest track on the single, but it shows a bit more of a sultry and sexy side to the ladies!  I have to say that I was loving Maimai and Nakky just as much as the other three in this track.  It’s like a really good café song and just puts you into that relaxed state of mind!  It’s just such a good bossa nova track and really stuck out for the group.

As the era to their 8th album comes to a close they ended it with a pretty cool single!  Kanashiki Amefuri is a bit loud and messy in places, but it sounds rather unique to them (plus the PV was a lot better than I thought lol).  Adam to Eve no Dilemma though takes the cake because it’s more of the electro/dance °C-ute that I’ve been loving for quite a while!  When it comes to B-sides, Attakai Ude de Tsutsunde was the clear winner for me with it’s light and airy composition that just lulls you into a calm state…sadly the mistake is with Dare ni mo Naishou… where it seems a bit too much and stuck out in a bad way on the single…I think it would’ve worked better as an album track, but I digress lol.  Overall great single from the group!


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