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BoA – Tail of Hope July 29, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Tail of Hope
  2. Baby you…
  3. Tail of Hope (inst)
  4. Baby you… (inst)
  5. Tail of Hope ~English Version~ (special edition only)

1. Tail of Hope

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard BoA in Japan so it is pretty great to see her return to the scene!  Tail of Hope wasn’t what I was expecting for a return from her, but the song sounds refreshing and kind of has this feel of “THE FACE”-era touch and I’m loving the song’s breezy and poppy sound.  Add that she sounds lovely in the track!  Definitely a much better track than “Milestone” was!

2. Baby you..

When this was announced, it was originally planned that the title was just going to simply be Disturbance (Korean Version), but for some strange reason the name got changed.  Baby you… kind of harkens back to early BoA (like “VALENTI” days).  This smooth R&B ditty was also quite a nice track to just sit and chill out with.  Definitely a well-made B-side and a good choice to make a Japanese version of.

3. Tail of Hope ~English Version~

On special editions of the single, it comes with an English take on the A-side and luckily since “BoA”, she has gotten better with her English so I was pretty excited to hear it.  Same arrangement of course, but she does sometimes get muddled in the music so a couple of times, it felt mumbly here and there.  Still, it’s not a very bad take and still a good song to listen to.

I’m quite happy to see BoA return to Japan to release this single and I was missing her a lot (especially with the last couple of releases being pretty mediocre).  Tail of Hope is quite a breezy, poppy, and great track for her to return with while Baby you… makes a great follow-up as the B-side.  The English version is OK, but I love the main version.  Great single!


One Response to “BoA – Tail of Hope”

  1. sylfi Says:

    uhhhhhhh brett

    Baby you… IS the Japanese version of Disturbance. XD

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