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KARA – Thank You Summer Love July 29, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Thank You Summer Love
  3. Thank You Summer Love (Instrumental)
  4. HANABI (Instrumental)
  5. Love Letter (CD only first press only)

1. Thank You Summer Love

I kind of thought we already got our summer ditty from KARA with their last single, but it seems we get our second does of the seasonal riff with Thank You Summer Love.  However, I felt the same way I did with “Bye Bye Happy Days!” with the synth overload and overall cutesy arrangement.  I can’t say that it’s a totally bad thing because it does strangely work for KARA, but this is seriously kin of cloning out.


On the flipside of the coin, HANABI is the more relaxed and chilled out track.  As we are still comparing, this track sounds like a track that probably would’ve fit on “Pandora” or “STEP” because of it’s synth usage, but keeping it at a mid-tempo pace.  The song isn’t totally worthless, but it didn’t really leave much of an impression on me.

3. Love Letter

Just like their song from their last single, “Beautiful Night”, we get another track that was tied to their animated series, Love Letter.  However, unlike the amazing track from before, Love Letter is the slowest track on the single!  A very light track that brings more of the smoother and light vocals from the 5.  It’s prettier and I tend to remember it a lot more than I do with “HANABI” which is strange but ok and add that it’s Korean!

As their 2nd and final single for the “Fantasic Girls” era, Thank You Summer Love feels a lot like their last single with a summery A-side, slow ballad-y B-side and a strangely good first press track.  The leading track isn’t terrible, but it really does feel like a clone of “Bye Bye Happy Days!”.  HANABI just crawled along the way and I’m kind of disliking this (and “My Boy”) being on their upcoming album.  I’m slightly curious to why they’re putting the KARA anime songs on the Japanese singles (since they’re Korean tracks).  Mainly, this was kind of a downgrade single…hopefully the album impresses me!


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