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Nana Mizuki – Vitalization July 29, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Vitalization
  2. Ai no Hoshi
  3. Dramatic Love

1. Vitalization

It seems Nana wanted to replicate the epicness from “Synchrogazer” and so she released Vitalization.  There’s so many similarities going on between the two, but I feel like the arrangement here is a bit rambunctious because there’s some vocal dabbling in the computers (especially the pre-chorus).  Nana still sounds grandiose and powerful which is an amazing feat for a song like this.  I still do prefer the aforementioned track more, but this song is not far behind…pretty chaotic, but fantastic track!

2. Ai no Hoshi

Once “Vitalization” ends, we come to a halting stop for Ai no Hoshi.  Reason being is that this song is a straight up piano/strings ballad which might throw some people off if they’re listening to the single fully.  I actually really like Nana’s vocal performance because she brings a lot of power to fill in the gaps of the slow arrangement.  This is definitely one of her best ballads, if not the best she’s had in her career to be quite honest.

3. Dramatic Love

I wasn’t expecting the other B-side would’ve taken the lighter pop route.  I feel like this song oddly reminds me of a more synth-friendly take of “Lovely Fruit” but there’s something about this song that also says it should’ve been a Character song.  Even though her vocals aren’t as impressive like in either of the previous tracks, the cute form does kind of work well on me. 



Starting a new era off, Vitalization was a pretty awesome single to start things off.  Vitalization might be a more crazier, insane, and loud version of “Synchrogazer” but this style of music really brings Nana to the front of the anison world, because she just has this AMAZING and boisterous tone that makes songs like those two SO DAMN EPIC!  Ai no Hoshi also is added to this regard, but this was a ballad but she ran through that almost perfectly!  As for Dramatic Love, she was having a bit of fun and that’s always a plus too…I almost could say it was perfect but that’s tough to do…but *RECOMMENDED* for sure!!!


3 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – Vitalization”

  1. 123 Says:

    Thanks for the review. OMG you did so many xD

  2. Blade Says:

    So you stopped doing male bands?

  3. Yuki Nagato Says:

    I compared Dramatic Love with DISCOTHEQUE instead, but both work, I guess .__.

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