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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Unmei/Wonderful Smile July 29, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Unmei
  2. Wonderful Smile
  3. Unmei -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (CD+DVD only)
  4. Futari Kiri -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (CD only)
  5. Unmei (Instrumental)
  6. Beautiful Smile (Instrumental)
  7. Unmei -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (Instrumental)

1. Unmei

I’m actually not surprised that the group still hasn’t shifted their sound much since “Limited addiction”, but this is getting ridiculous!  I will say that this sounds the most 80’s of the last couple of singles, but I’m getting tired of that long musical sections because it’s the same bullshit that has happened for a long time now…GET OUT OF IT PRODUCERS >.>  Besides that, this song is great for the vocals because they are sounding more much deeper and mature!  I’m also loving that Miyu is one of the leads of the song replacing Hitomi for once! Plus Ayano is being her awesome self…If they had cut the damn music breaks down, this would’ve been an amazing song!

2. Wonderful Smile

Talking about Hitomi’s lack of appearance in the song, she gets a pseudo solo track.  What I mean is that she’s the only one from the group singing, but she accompanied by Wanko Matsushima (who is a cartoon character)…collaborated for this song based round the Touhoku Earthquakes.  Compared to “Unmei”, this song is ridiculously short and surprisingly cute.  Hitomi’s vocals are in the higher pitch to fit the nature of the song, but this track did nothing for me hahah.  It’s a good bonus, but it’s definitely not A-side worthy IMO.

3. Unmei -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

The single comes with two remixes from RMB and the first up is of Unmei’s which is at an alarming 8 minutes in length.  Of course since Royal Mirrorball is a VERY common name to TG’S, they try to give us something a bit different from the original.  Their take on Unmei’s sticks to 80’s sound, but it sounds more like new wave which is a quirky take.  I do like the arrangement which is no surprise, but it doesn’t seem to fit the vocal melodies very smoothly.  It’s also a bit too long for me…because it started to drag midway…

4. Futari Kiri -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

The other remix is of Futari Kiri (from their last album, “Yakusoku”).  Now I loathed the original and was the worst of the album for me.  RMB’s remix gives it a synthed touch-up and it kind of made it slightly better, but like the previous remix, it’s near 8 minutes so it tends to drag as well.  It could’ve had a bit more oomph, but this is a pretty slick remix if I say so myself.

Kicking off their 4th era, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE started things off on a strange foot.  As much as I like Unmei and what they did for the girls, the producer’s formula is HEAVILY getting stale and the songs keep getting longer and mundane with those music breaks…they need to change it.  Wonderful Smile is a bit out of place and Hitomi didn’t sound that great, just felt unoriginal.  As for the remixes, Futari Kiri’s stood out more than Unmei’s but both songs are just a tad bit too long.  Not a great place to start but it’s whatever.


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