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JASMINE – HERO July 30, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. HERO
  2. Missing
  3. Why (T.O.M Remix for JAS VEGAS)


I was quite surprised she managed to pull in m-flo’s Taku to produce HERO (especially with how negative he’s been recently).  At first, the intro for the song reminded me of Brit’s “Scream and Shout” but once JASMINE comes in, the song becomes a bit more broader and alive.  Add her powerful vocals with the electro arrangement and you get a pretty loud and powerful dance track!  I’m enjoying this quite a bit and really improved on what happened on “High Flying”.

2. Missing

If I’m correct this is also a cover song (the same one Mika Nakashima did a while ago).  At first, I thought the song was going to be faster due to the intro, but it cuts out after a while and slows down to a ballad with piano and strings.  It’s a little bit like “BED” but less 90’s nostalgia.  It’s not a bad track, but after “HERO”, this is a forgetful song for me.

3. Why (T.O.M Remix for JAS VEGAS)

I totally forgot how Why went (it was an album track from “GOLD”).  It was originally an R&B track that was a bit normal of JASMINE’s style.  Coming back to the single, it was remixed by T.O.M (someone that’s familiar to me, because of his remixes for MiChi).  Why’s touch-up has a bit more of a mid-tempo dance style going on and it kind of works in a way.



JASMINE 5th and final single before her sophomore album, “Complexxx” releases and HERO is kind of a weird single to put out.  I meant like HERO is nothing like what she’s done before and that’s cool, plus it’s a great electro/dance track.  Missing was an alright cover, but it definitely isn’t as great as “BED” was and the remix for Why made the song a bit more original in my eyes, so I quite liked it…overall not bad…can’t wait for the album.


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