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JASMINE – High Flying July 30, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. High Flying
  2. BED
  3. High Flying (Instrumental)

1. High Flying

JASMINE took a little while to get the High Flying out but finally it’s time to delve into what I’ve been missing.  At first listen, it does kind of go back to her first two singles with a heavier R&B sound, but this one has a little more leniency towards having a bit of fun rather than that sappy, depressing tune (like “sad to say” and “No More”.  Due to its Americanized feel, the song does come off a tad generic…like “ONLY YOU” but moreso…

2. BED

The B-side this time around is a cover of one of DOUBLE’s hits.  JASMINE’s take of it really suits her vocals quite smoothly, especially in her adlibbing in the intro.  I just love the nostalgic 90’s R&B vibe I get from this track and JASMINE took advantage of that in every way!  Great cover overall!



As the 4th single, High Flying wasn’t all that great for JASMINE.  I mean she still sounds great (especially in her DOUBLE cover), but High Flying just fell flat for me.  It just didn’t seem like it was very thought out.  Though BED was the better track.  Very pretty song!  Ehhh…


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