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Up Up Girls – Summer Beam!/Up Up Typhoon July 30, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Summer Beam!
  2. Up Up Typhoon
  3. Summer Beam! (Instrumental)
  4. Up Up Typhoon (Instrumental)

1. Summer Beam!

As the primary A-side, Summer Beam! sounds like your typical idol summer pop song with a heavier dose of synths and beats.  It could really be a Aki.P track because of just how plain it sounds (though it has some quirks about it).  I feel like it could have a little more uniqueness about it, but there really isn’t many other summer songs in UUG so I suppose it does its job.

2. Up Up Typhoon

After all this time! We finally had gotten a PV from the group and strangely enough it’s of their secondary A-side, Up Up Typhoon.  At first it starts off slowly with spoken monologue from Morisaki and then a solo from Akari!  Once Konacchan enters in the song goes 180 into this wild and exciting tune!  It’s a very good song to pump the crowd up…my only gripe is Morisaki in that chorus just cramming words up like that…lord…Still I would’ve loved seeing more Maana, but this song is great fun!

Jeeze, is it album time yet?  As the group’s summer single, I thought they did pretty well with it overall.  Summer Beam! might be a little bland, but it’s still quite jumpy for a song.  Though the clear winner is Up Up Typhoon, with its awesome energy and fun spirit…This era has been going on too long though…


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