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Shoujo Jidai – LOVE&GIRLS August 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  2. Lingua Franca


I was wondering what they could do after their second album and well…they throw out LOVE&GIRLS which is in the veins of their more bubblegum sounding songs like “Gee”.  Adding a lot of chanting moments and whistle blowing, this song seems to really be kind of generic for SNSD.  I mean it does have a certain bounce that I enjoy, but there’s also something about that just says ~been there, done that~ about the song.  Not a great way to start their 3rd era.

2. Lingua Franca

Strange title of the B-side.  They took more of a reggaeton sound at first but like LOVE&GIRLS, it still kind of has a cutesy tone to it and actually sounds a little more generic than the A-side!  I mean the chorus can be cute for a couple spins, but after a while this track makes you question what you just listened to.



After their 2nd album, I was kind of wondering what they would do.  After “I Got A Boy”, I was kind of getting a bit tired of their sound and sadly brought it over with LOVE&GIRLS.  Neither tracks on the single really stood out to me and just kind of felt like a generic single overall.


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