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So damn, this month has been quite amazing with Pokémon news (sort of…) so let’s really get it out of the way…at least the basic stuff

  • Well we got news of what Super Training is and it’s finally making the more competitive side of the series look a little less intimidating than all that math and junk you had to learn in previous generations.
  • Mawile is now Steel/Fairy
  • Our 4th gym leader, Korrina was announced.  Supposedly she’s the key to understanding our new style of Pokémon, Mega Pokémon.
  • When riding Pokémon, you can actually jump up ledges!!
  • Mega Pokémon (while we are on that subject) are enhanced versions of some least form version of current Pokémon, of course we learned that they are only possibly in battles with a “Mega Stone” which is looking to be their placehold names (because like Blazikenite and Lucarioite exist, I’m betting the others will be similar).  What we know is that only one Pokémon on your team will be able to pull it off each battle, what effects are known is raised stats (and for some, type changes)
  • There are 7 announced so far (yes there’ll be more according to previews of next Corocoro): Mewtwo (one we have known for a long time), Lucario, Blaziken, Absol, Mawile, Ampharos, and Kangaskhan.

That being said let’s talk about the Mega Pokémon and then the brand new ones!

Mega Mewtwo

mewtwo 1

Yup, we’ve comeback to this guy and we figured out that this is Mega Mewtwo (though there has been a rumor saying that there’s another form for Mewtwo as well.  Still don’t know too much besides the name and the fact it has the ability, Insomnia (means it can’t be put to sleep).  Weird, but anything beats Pressure to be honest haha.

Mega Blaziken


I was quite surprised when the others chosen for Mega evolution were shown.  I wasn’t expecting a starter Pokémon would be one of them but it seems quite cool since Blaziken was a fan favorite from the Hoenn region.  We learned that for it to reach its Mega status, it has to hold the Blazikenite which is not found in the game.  It is given as the first event Pokémon, Torchic.  Also it sounds like it gains a lot in stats and it has Speed Boost (means every turn, it gets faster).  Sweet Deal!!!!

Mega Lucario


So, the Sinnoh region also had some faces and Lucario was up in the front.  I wasn’t surprised it was going to get a Mega Evoluton and to be honest,  it looks quite awesome.  It has a different ability from this change, which is Adaptability (powers same type moves).  This could be a heavy hitter honestly!  I’m sure like Torchic, this will be found by a Riolu holding a Lucarioite.

Mega Absol, Mega Ampharos, Mega Mawile


The next three were released together with Blaziken and Lucario but there isn’t as much information like the two above (like the name of their Mega Stones, though Absolite, Ampharosite, and Mawilite?…hm).  Absol looks pretty wicked and has Magic Bounce (Reflect stat changing moves back to opponent), Ampharos not only gets the ability, Mold Breaker (Use moves with no ability to stop it or effect it), but it also changes it’s typing to Electric/Dragon (in which it only shares that with Zekrom).  Mawile on the other hand gains the Fairy type (but Mawile itself will get the change) and it has the ability, Huge Power (gains more attack power).  I will love to get my hands on an Ampharos to get it to it’s Mega form…love it!  Though the other two make it sound great as well!

Mega Kangaskhan


Announced at VGC, we get our 7th Mega, Kangaskhan or let’s be truthful, the baby gets the treatment.  What is known about this is that they come with a new ability called Parental Bond (where it attacks twice in one turn)…this could be a VERY useful ability (and it might sound like it’ll be the unique ability and only for Kangaskhans.


Also there’s been a couple of new Pokémon announced but they were quite shadowed by the Mega Evolutions.  So let’s talk about them!



The first shown (well 2nd but will get to that later), Skiddo is the first form of Gogoat.  Still is a Grass type and is also able to be ridden across Kalos.  I think it looks rather cute and makes for a great Pokémon to have in the first half of the game (hopefully that is the case).



Our next new Pokémon, Bunnelby follows along the cute and cuddly Normal types (you know like Buneary and Minccino).  It is also called the digging Pokémon and suddenly I feel like its evolution will be Ground-type (Normal/Ground maybe).  It looks cute as hell though!  It also has two abilities, Pick Up or the new one Cheek Pouch (in which if they store Berries, they will get HP health alongside the berries properties).



Of course it’s no generation without the Pikachu-esque Pokémon to fill it up.  Dedenne actually looks like a tiny Raichu!?!  It also has the type Electric/Fairy (seems to squash the Pikachu will be getting a new type rumor).  I think it’s quite cute, but not the most necessary of additions.  We’ll see if it evolves into anything good (though this is probably the closest rivalry to a Pikachu IMO).



The last Pokémon is kind of a weird addition because this still hasn’t been touched upon really (except for a Japanese trailer showing it off in a horde battle).  I’m quite interested in this because it’s like a possessed tree.  Though I have to strange feeling that it’s going to be connected to Sudowoodo…but maybe it’s just me.  From the looks of it, it could be Grass/Dark…but….if it’s tied to Sudowoodo…could it be Rock/Dark?




  1. Kathi Says:

    Mega Evolution? that’s the first time I hear of it. But hey, that’s great news.X/Y will be totally awesome

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