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alan – DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kuukan Chou Tokkyu~ August 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kuukan Chou Tokkyu~
  2. First Love ~Hatsukoi~
  3. DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kuukan Chou Tokkyu~ (Instrumental)
  4. First Love ~Hatsukoi~ (Instrumental)
  5. First Love ~Hatsukoi~ (alan ver.)
  6. First Love ~Hatsukoi~ (Ryosuke Itamiya ver.)

1. DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kuukan Chou Tokkyu~

Getting a new alan song is great, even moreso in Japanese.  Listening to DREAM EXPRESS, the song does sound a bit generic, but it is very anime so that’s to be slightly expected.  I really enjoy the strings and bright sound, but there just something that doesn’t seem to really feel like alan…it might be the generic arrangement, but I also feel like alan is just half-assing the song almost.  Oh well xD

2. First Love ~Hatsukoi~

The B-side of the single was an interesting choice since it is a duet between alan and Ryosuke Itamiya and while I have never heard of the latter, I was curious (especially after “Ai no Chikara”…).  When I first listened to it, I was like quite bored because it’s a ballad (sounds like a 90’s ballad xD).  I do like them singing together, but the song was quite the snoozefest.

5. First Love ~Hatsukoi~ (alan ver.)

Of course they would put in something like this on the single.  It’s the same song of course and Ryosuke’s part is muted so it’s just alan you only hear.  Though hearing alan by herself makes this seem like it’s a ballad you would’ve seen on “my life” (which doesn’t mean it’s a good thing either).

6. First Love ~Hatsukoi~ (Ryosuke Itamiya ver.)

Ryosuke’s is the opposite so alan is missing from the track.  Ryosuke’s voice is nice to listen to and doesn’t seem to be abrasive to alan’s smoother and lighter voice.  He does slightly go off pitch in the higher ranges but despite that it’s not a bad guy to have chosen to be her partner.



It’s been 2 years since alan has released a single in Japan and well she kind of blew it. I mean this doesn’t feel like its alan but more avex being cash cows.  DREAM EXPRESS and First Love are really nothing to put high praise for, though I will say alan chose a great partner in Ryosuke Itamiya.  I don’t know but, if this is what she wants to come back with…it wasn’t a very smart choice.


One Response to “alan – DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kuukan Chou Tokkyu~”

  1. 123 Says:

    Yeah gotta say I was. Pretty disappointed with this. Hoping she’ll come back next single with another TODOKEEEEEEEEEEE….

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