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UVERworld – Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB September 9, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Fight For Liberty
  2. Wizard CLUB
  4. Fight For Liberty (TV Size)

1. Fight For Liberty

I thought it was due for UVERworld to come back and they come back with Fight For Liberty and honestly, I was loving they traded them saxophones from the last few singles and placed some strings and piano alongside their rockin’ style.  TAKUYA’s vocals really seem to stand out more to me than before and working with the whole anison sound around that was a smart move.  Definitely a great song from them a good start to the era.

2. Wizard CLUB

The other A-side, feels like the group is doing a bit more experimenting with the saxophones returning but with some trippy time sig changes which makes the song a bit more wild and random sounding.  There’s just so many different things happening in the song that it baffles me how they came up with such a unique track.  I actually kind of admire the songs approach and was glad it’s at A-side status.  That bridge though…why did I think of Street Fighter XD.


I’m going to be honest, I’m happy we’re getting a straightforward song as the B-side and not some random instrumental or medley this time around.  Unlike the previous two, this track takes the band in a more mellow direction and TAKUYA can at least relax his voice for this song.  Though the song actually doesn’t bore me like some of their previous slow jams.  It’s strange considering the previous two tracks, but this song did a nice job closing the single.



After taking a rather small break after “REVERSI”, they came back at full force with “Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB”!  The primary A-side is your typical UVER rock track of course and they tackled the song quite nicely, not as good as “GOLD” or “GO-ON” but impressive.  Wizard CLUB on the other hand represented more of the experimentive side of UVERworld of recent times and strangely enough, I enjoyed it very much.  a LOVING TONE is a bit random to come across, but as an UVER ballad, it won me over pretty quickly.  I’d say this is a great single for them!


4 Responses to “UVERworld – Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB”

  1. 123 Says:

    Yeah I was pretty happy with this single. I was a bit disappointed with REVERSI since the new tracks were just that random mix and a couple of lives, but I’m glad they went with three new tracks this time. It turned out really good this time. They’ve been writing some cool stuff recently so I hope they keep it up!

  2. shinitakashi Says:

    I was surprised at how consist they’ve managed to be in their releases. Another great single.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this single. I honestly stopped following UVERworld for awhile because I didn’t really like The Over and their follow up single. But then, I read this, and I got into them again.
    While I like all songs, there’s something to Wizard CLUB that really makes it interesting and addictive.

    • solarblade Says:

      They keep going in and out of my radar so I know what ya feel and Wizard CLUB was such a cool surprise, they need more of those random but UVER-tastic songs like em!

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