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Kylee – CRAZY FOR YOU EP+ September 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. CRAZY FOR YOU (English ver.)
  2. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou (English ver.)
  3. Blue Bird (English ver.)
  4. Don’t say goodbye

1. CRAZY FOR YOU (English ver.)

I was kind of surprised Kylee was going to release a “mini-album” but once again looks like a damn single mostly.  We start off with an English version of her 6th single, CRAZY FOR YOU and I thought it was a pretty awesome choice because she actually did quite nicely with the language conversion.  Kylee’s voice is still quite powerful and it strikes nicely with the arrangement.

2. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou (English ver.)

Really, how many times have I reviewed covers of SIAM SHADE’s big song?  The difference with this one is that it’s an English version of the song which is a nice enough twist but I feel like the original Japanese lyrics were kind of blown off for Kylee’s take because she doesn’t mention the ~1/3~ that’s sung in the lyrics.  Though Kylee’s vocals are quite top notch, the lyrics are a bit mundane…the only thing they got right was the arrangement giving it a heavier rockin feel.  Though I’m still in love with Buono!’s cover.

3. Blue Bird (English ver.)

The next cover is more recent being a cover of ikimono-gakari’s 2008 hit.  It makes sense because the song was used in Naruto: Shippuden so it was no surprise why Kylee covered it.  I actually think this was a pretty good cover, taking out the harmonica and lighter toned Kiyoe and making it more Kylee’s style.  I loved Kylee’s take except for the chorus where it did sound a trite bit awkward.  Other than that, the song is overall great to listen to!

4. Don’t say goodbye

The only original (and new) song on this release, is also the only track that has Japanese throughout!  I actually haven’t heard such a angsty and dark track from Kylee in a while and honestly…I would LOVE for her direction to head this way because it seriously matches her powerful voice and it has the certain edge about it that just suits this tone perfectly.  I actually thought it was the best this release had offered!



For being a digital release I was kind of shocked that it was mainly for CRAZY FOR YOU (a single that physically was released back in 2011).  More or less also having covers and threw on a new track.  I thought that the English versions of CRAZY FOR YOU and Blue Bird were great, but the 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou cover was a bit distasteful.  At least it was backed up by Don’t say goodbye which was brooding and angsty and just sooo welcome!  Odd release, but not a bad one to say the least.


One Response to “Kylee – CRAZY FOR YOU EP+”

  1. Singingjadey Says:

    Hi! I happened to recently listen to the first three tracks, courtesy of my friend, so I just wanted to leave a thought. I thought I would like the songs after “Crazy For You” but when I listened to the other 2 songs, I must say I got really BORED. The lyricist keeps using boring same phrases like “fly away” and sort of squeezes words in awkward places through the three songs so I was dissapointed, especially since Kylee isnt like other cover artists.
    What did you think about that?

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