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MiChi – INdepeneNt GiRL?/Saturday Night September 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. INdependeNt GiRL?
  2. Saturday Night
  3. INdependeNT GiRL? -remix-
  4. Saturday Night -extended mix-

1. INdependeNt GiRL?

It’s been quite while since we’ve gotten from MiChi (minus the digital singles).  I think the space between this and “THERAPY” has given some time for MiChi to have a little more fun with her music.  INdependeNt GiRL? (back to that stickycaps huh?) is actually a quirky pop song from her and I found this sort of Western but also quite catchy to listen to.  I also love the brass in the song too…like I said, the song has a pretty quirky feel and the chorus is nice!

2. Saturday Night

Though I think the star of the single belongs to the secondary A-side, Saturday Night because it has MiChi’s style alongside a slight disco feel.  I just find myself dancing and having fun with this pretty flirty song.  Plus this song is entirely in English so I’m really having a great time with this song!

3. INdependeNt GiRL? -remix-

For the first time in a long time, this single does not include a cover song.  Instead we get a remix and an extended take of both A-sides.  First is the remix for INdependeNt GiRL? and honestly, it felt like it just took out some of the backbone for the song and laid a bit more brass to make up for it.  I don’t know, but the remix didn’t really do anything to boost that song any.

4. Saturday Night -extended mix-

Adding a minute to the song, the extended mix to Saturday Night has a different introduction taking the memorable line ~I’m on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday night~ and builds upon before MiChi kicks in with the verses.  Luckily, the song goes back to is dance/disco vibes which is A.O.K. for me.  Besides the new intro, there’s not really much else to be said since I’ve already talked about that.



Only being over a year since “THERAPY”, MiChi has returned with a physical single release and it seems like she’s sticking to more of her carefree nature with both songs.  Granted, I’m a little surprised that this is the only single she’ll release before her 3rd major album, “EYES WIDE OPEN” simply because “THERAPY” had SO MANY singles.  I will say I love Saturday Night so much more than INdependeNt GiRL? because I’m just in love with the lyrics!  Though the other A-side isn’t bad either!  The remix wasn’t all that great and the extension just added more awesomeness XD…so not bad!


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