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TEMPURA KIDZ – Happy Natsu Matsuri September 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Happy Natsu Matsuri
  2. Donna Toki mo.
  3. Happy Natsu Matsuri -TV edit-

1. Happy Natsu Matsuri

I was wondering what had happened to this group and they came back with a new release.  Happy Natsu Matsuri actually sounds a bit more youthful when compared to “ONE STEP” and the arrangement has more of a traditional Japanese flair about (then again natsu matsuri does mean summer festival).  I can actually can see this song being used in DDR for some strange reason hahah.  The breakdown is a bit odd, but it works as well (similarly like “ONE STEP”).  Overall, this might not surpass their debut, but the song is quite cute for them…oh yeah the voices…they sound more like one of the gals are singing XD.

2. Donna Toki mo.

The B-side of the single at least is new and the beginning made it sound even more fantasy and child-like but the beats and synths jump in the song to turn it more technopop.  I do kind of think this song is different enough from “Happy Natsu Matsuri” to stand out but it’s kind of strange that I feel that it’s so much like a cute idol pop song.



As their 2nd single, I was kind of letdown a little bit with the single.  I mean “ONE STEP” was a great track but Happy Natsu Matsuri doesn’t really strike me as anything totally special, but at least it’s something.  Donna Toki mo. on the other hand is a bit chiller but at the same time cuter than anything they’ve done so far.  I wonder what they’ll do for their next single.


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