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Up Up Girls – SAMURAI GIRLS/Widol Seven September 12, 2013

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Track Listing

  2. Widol Seven
  3. SAMURAI GIRLS (Instrumental)
  4. Widol Seven (Instrumental)


It seems like UUG seemed to go back to “UPPER ROCK” with that energetic trance-like sound for SAMURAI GIRLS and honestly, I’m loving that they did because they really haven’t had that for a long time.  Just like the former song mentioned, the song does let the music overtake the ladies and they are filtered most of the song as it is so it sounds almost a bit overdone.  Though I will say michitomo did make the song a little easier to handle by having a more standout melody.  Another thing that I find annoying is the whole ~up, up, samurai girls~…Isn’t it time to drop the group repping YET?!?  Overall, the song is catchy and one of the best A-sides of the era.

2. Widol Seven

The other A-side was initially something I was looking forward to from the intro which was entirely 8-bit…but the song turns into more of a hybrid of that and a prominent punk sound.  I felt like that it was going back to when they debuted because unlike “SAMURAI GIRLS”, it does sound a bit low-quality and a bit more brash and less together.  I kind wish they stuck with the 8-bit the entire time TBH.  Not all that great for me.



Ok, now I know there has to be an album soon!  As the group’s 7th single under T-PALETTE, SAMURAI GIRLS/Widol Seven didn’t exactly surpass their last single very well.  SAMURAI GIRLS does remind me of “UPPER ROCK” in certain aspects and I can really dig it for that reason, but Widol Seven kind of dropped the ball there and it just seemed a bit rushed and a little too basic sounding (minus the places where you hear the 8-bit stuff).


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