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Woo another month comes and go and we have our “final” Corocoro before the game releases on October 12th…and there’s quite a lot that was revealed so let’s not waste time!

  • Well, we finally have the new type chart and we learned some important deals bout Fairy types.  They’re VERY useful to fight Dragon, Dark, and Fighting types, weak to Steel and Poison types and is immune to Dragons.
  • Add on that Steel types lost their resistances to Ghost and Dark types as well.
  • Gender differences are back and seems to play a little more importance than older generations have.
  • There are now effect resistances.  Electric types cannot be paralyzed, Grass types can not be effected by “spore” moves, and Ghost types cannot be effected by moves that prevents you from escaping like Mean Look and Block.
  • Team Flare wants to make the world beautiful (that doesn’t sound bad, but there’s always a catch that involved PKMN XD
  • Mega Pokémon are possible with the Mega Ring and Keystone (and of course the possible PKMN that can Mega forme itself).

Now with that out of the way, lets get on with knowing the new Pokémon, starting with the Mega Evolutions

Mega Venusaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard


Having a Nintendo Direct that solely focused on Pokémon X & Y, it was great news that we get Mega versions of the Kanto starters (and we get the Pokémon early in the game as well since they’re given away by a Professor Sycamore.  Once you get the workings for getting mega forms, you’ll be able to access them. Mega Venusaur has Thick Fat (raises resistance for Fire and Ice moves), Mega Charizard has Drought (makes the battle have a permanent Sunny Day when it’s out, AKA powers Fire-type moves) and Mega Blastoise has a new ability called Mega Launcher (says it powers its moves, but I feel there’s more to it).  I like all the designs here, but I’m shocked there’s no re-type for Charizard because it looks even more draconic than before!!!  Still pretty cool!

Mega Mewtwo X


Well long ago, there was a rumor that had said many things (in which most if not all did become true facts).  One of those was that Mewtwo not only had one, but two mega forms and long and behold, there’s 2 of them now but are version exclusives.  Majin Mewtwo (the one I showed before is Mega Mewtwo Y and well by the name it’s exclusive to Y.  The new one we got this week is a bit more unique since this form is Psychic/Fighting and has the ability Steadfast (speed is raised when opponent flinches).  I like the this form has stayed true to Mewtwo’s original look, but this one has a bit more oomph to it.

Mega Garchomp


Kind of the other Mega shown in Corocoro, Garchomp looks like it got DNA spliced with Scyther given the claws look more like scythes now like the aforementioned PKMN and Kabutops.  It has the ability Sand Force (moves are powered up during a Sandstorm).  Overall, I do feel like the Pokémon didn’t need it…but it’s whatever.




When the Nintendo Direct was shown there was a split-second screenshot showing off Furfrou (which admittedly at first, I thought was related to Absol).  Though it’s a pure Normal type which means in the end it won’t be useful, but it does have a gimmick about it.  You can pamper and give it haircuts and you can customize it (for now there’s 3 other looks) and it’s ability is the new Fur Coat (halves the damage it gets from physical attacks).  Overall, gimmicky, but cool nonetheless.

Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier


There’s the middle evolutions of the Kalos starters and well they’re pretty standard (I’m usually not a fan of the middle evos usually).  Though they are all on the hind legs now and given the European flair of the games, I feel like they will be like knights/soldiers…kind of.  I don’t know, but I am REAL curious to what they’re final evos will look like.  I’m still bent on getting Fennekin, but Froakie isn’t looking too bad.

Tyrunt & Amaura


The next two Pokémon are the fossils of the generation and mostly both these are unique typings!  I mean it’s been a long time coming for a T-rex to make an appearance in the series and being Rock/Dragon is great!  It’s ability is the new Strong Jaw (powers up moves that involves the jaw).  Amaura on the other hand is Rock/Ice and has the new ability Refrigerate (all of its Normal-type moves are retyped as Ice).  If I had to choose, I’ll more than likely choose Amaura because I love Ice-types and while it looks a bit My Little Pony for my tastes. I just hope its evolution is awesome!  Though I’m sure Tyrunt’s will be epic!!!

Meowstic & Pyroar


The last two aren’t related but they do both have gender dfferences so that’s why I’m putting them today.  Meowstic was also another PKMN that was rumored a couple months ago so it’s nice to see it finally appear.  Being a pure Psychic type, it also has gender differences that effects its movepool (like the Nidorans).  The female is the offensive one while the male is the defensive one!  I will love to see what they’ll evolve to once the game comes out.

Pyroar on the other hand was leaked by IGN, but it’s ok.  As it is Litleo’s evolution, I was curious to what changes would happen.  Not much besides once again the gender diffs which is mostly in their manes.  Also it retains its Fire/Normal typing…hmmm interesting.

NEXT TIME, Well….it might be the beginning of talking bout all the new Pokémon/Megas that are in Gen 6 (like what I did with Gen 5!) WOOOOO!