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Dream – Only You September 30, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Only You
  2. BOOM! BOOM!
  4. Catch A Wave
  5. Only You (Instrumental)
  6. BOOM! BOOM! (Instrumental)
  7. MY DAY, ONE WAY (Instrumental)
  8. Catch A Wave (Instrumental)

1. Only You

Ahhhh the return of Dream huh?  Well, we’re given Only You which continues with the group releasing sparkly dance-pop for us listeners and while it was a surprise when they returned to relevance, but after “Hands Up!” it seems like this is already slowly fading away from them.  With Shizuka and Aya as mains, I was alright with that (though sad Sayaka had left).  The song is alright, but it sounds like there’s not a lot of interest heard here.


At least the first B-side is making much more of an impact on the song because the energy is amplified and the song is really great to hear that Dream feel that I’ve always admired.  Add in those quick string melodies and this song is unique and quirky to stand out!  I really found myself in love with it and is my favorite from the single!


A pounding beat, piano, and strings that isn’t a slow song?  Yeah this song really is definitely in the realm for Dream.  There’s something playful and bright about the song that really works for me.  I think it’s a lot like “Only You” in the way that while it’s nice and pretty for their vocals, there’s been much better.

4. Catch A Wave

I will say they’re doing a good job at keeping me interested in them because Catch A Wave is a summery synth/dance track and it’s just hella catchy to listen to.  I will say the higher vocalists had a better time (while the deeper ones did great in “BOOM! BOOM!”).  Even though it is a bit short (at 3:30), the song was nice and pleasant to listen to.



How long has it been since I’ve heard Dream last…almost 3 years right?  Well during that time they lost two members, the final original member of dream days, Kana Tachibana and Sayaka Yamamoto which left with the remaining 4 members.  As their first outing as a 4-nin, Only You was pretty good.  Only You and MY WAY, OUR WAY were ok and nothing terrible, just didn’t leave much of an impression.  BOOM! BOOM! and Catch A Wave however did and I would love if they took a more forward approach to their dance style (like they once did when it was just Kana, Yu, and Ai).  Overall, good single from them!  I wanna hear more Ami and Erie!!!


One Response to “Dream – Only You”

  1. Spade Says:

    Woohoo! More Dream FTW! 😀

    I did find myself thinking that “Only You” sounded too much like an E-Girls song to be a distinctive Dream song, which was disappointing. “BOOM! BOOM” seemed like the more natural continuation of their “Hands Up!” sound, complete with mini-rap section toward the end. “MY WAY, OUR WAY” also felt a bit more Dream-like to me, perhaps a continuation of their “My Way ~ULala~ ” / “Get My Way” series of songs? XD And “Catch A Wave”, what a fun song! A nice echo of Dream’s original Eurobeat sound, mixed with more modern electro elements and even a brief dubstep bit (wub wub!) – very nicely done!

    So I’m with you in preferring tracks 2 and 4, though as you noted 1 and 3 weren’t bad, just not great.

    And I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how prominent the members of Dream have been in E-Girls songs and PVs. First Ami and Shizuka being two of the main vocalists for E-Girls (with Ami quite often the “center girl” for their singles), then Dream’s prominent presence in various E-Girls PVs (such as being in the center of Neverending Story, with all but Erie featured on vocals). The latest PV (Gomennasai no Kissing You) is a good example of this, starting out focusing on Aya and Erie before the song prominently features both Ami and Shizuka. I was worried that Dream would gradually dissolve into E-Girls and fade from existence, so it’s great to see that they continue to be such prominent and valued members of E-Girls. (It’s almost like an echo of dream’s transition from 3-nin to 8-nin a decade ago, but with Dream remaining themselves while also being a strong part of the larger E-Girls collective.)

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