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FLOWER – Taiyou to Himawari September 30, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Taiyou to Himawari
  2. Boyfriend (Moonlight Version)
  3. what i want… (Limited CD+DVD only)
  4. Taiyou to Himawari (Instrumental)

1. Taiyou to Himawari

I kind of was wondering where has FLOWER been for a while and I noticed they released this A-side.  Listening to Taiyou to Himawari, it really isn’t different from songs from “Still” or “Sakura Regret” as it’s still the 3 main singers and an R&B beat.  Granted that’s their sound, but the song didn’t exactly resonate with me plus it felt like only one of the 3 girls were really singing.  There’s some things about the song that’s nice like the vocals (as usual) and using the strings (not new) but…after “Koibito ga Santa Claus” it just feels muddled to me.

2. Boyfriend (Moonlight Version)

If you were wondering what the whole version is all about, fellow group, Happiness also released a track “Boyfriend (Sunshine Version) which is why FLOWER has such.  Comparing the two, FLOWER’s version is more towards their sound and has a stronger leaning to R&B than Happiness’ version.  Sadly, I do prefer the latter (but I think it’s because that sound is more something I like and the vocals from them are stronger TBH).  To me, the moonlight version feels very bland and doesn’t really stand out to me, but I do like it slightly more than the A-side.

3. what i want…

On limited pressings of the CD+DVD version of the single, we get an extra B-side.  Funny enough I actually really liked this song because it did remind me of Happiness xD.  The song is very much catered to dance fans of E-Girls (or Dream).  It’s just fun to listen to and has a cool flow to it.  Even the musical breakdowns are impressive to me!  I must say this might be one of the best songs they’ve done so far!



As it’s the group’s 5th single, Taiyou to Himawari isn’t a totally bad single, but it kind of ranks with most of their other singles.  The A-side is kind of forgetful and after their last one, it’s not a good sign.  Their take on Boyfriend is a lot like their stuff so once again, it’s a tiny bit bland, plus Happiness did it much better!  However, the shining moment is the B-side, what i want… because of it’s more dance-focused arrangement.  I wonder when their 1st album will be announced…


2 Responses to “FLOWER – Taiyou to Himawari”

  1. tommy6 Says:

    Why don’t you start reviewing Happiness too? XD

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