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Ai Otsuka – Re:NAME October 18, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Re:NAME
  2. Hello me
  3. Toilet Paper Blues
  4. Re:NAME (Instrumental)
  5. Hello me (Instrumental)

1. Re:NAME

It’s been so long since I heard Ai-chin last!  Re:NAME kind of brings back a more smooth sounding Ai and I totally forgot how sweet her voice comes off in slower songs.  Add in this slow bossanova / easy listening feel of the song and I’m just enjoying this a whole lot.  Definitely better than her last couple of singles (though they’ve been released so far apart as it is…).  Definitely a nice song to listen to on a slow day granted might be a bit long (almost 6 minutes).

2. Hello me

The first B-side kind of follows alongside quite nicely after “Re:NAME” but this has a bit more life into it being all pop/rock.  I actually feel like Ai’s voice has slightly deepened since “I ♥ ×××” which is a nice thing I think.  The song is very Ai and I easily fell in love with the song due to all the good things she’s pulling it off…it’s like a “LOVE LETTER” song but memorable!

3. Toilet Paper Blues

Though the one thing I love about Ai is how wtf she can get with her songs.  So I was very amused one of the songs was titled as such…then to find out the song is stylized in Jazz and unlike “Shachihata”, she actually SINGS in the style and BY LORD SHE SOUNDS ORGASMIC!  I knew Ai would handle jazz like a boss, but damn this song was the single’s WINNER!



Ever since “Bye Bye”, I felt like Ai-chin lost the spark for J-pop and nothing she released after had really stuck on me (except “LUCKY☆STAR”) and it didn’t help she started releasing digital singles and then the stint with Rabbit…I felt like I was just not into her anymore, but then she releases this single and all the good feels came back in full force.  Re:NAME is a nice track, very nice but not minimal luckily (unlike her last single) and Hello me is a good pop/rock tune that old Ai fans will enjoy.  Of course I have to give the trophy to Toilet Paper Blues for finally bringing Ai’s jazz voice to a much better height than “Shachihata” did (plus it’s what I wished for XD).  Yeah this single is a great comeback for Ai *RECOMMENDED*


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