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misono – symphony with misono BEST October 18, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Starry Heavens ver. 2013
  2. Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto ver. 2013
  3. Ninin Sankyaku ver. 2013
  4. Junction Punctuation Mark
  5. 61 Byoume no…Fura Letter Saigo no Hatsukoi ~Copernicus Tekitenkai~

1. Starry Heavens ver. 2013

As this is another “best” from misono dealing with the Tales of… series, it isn’t surprising we’re getting retreads of old songs misono has done for the series!  Starry Heavens was one of the more popular songs when she was in day after tomorrow and honestly, hearing a new version of the song is nice because it sounds different with strings and a crisper sound and less of that GND sound, but it’s still there as well.  I did like it and oddly misono’s voice sounds…nice?  It’s not as whiny as it has been…one can wonder…did she resing it…and copy and pasted??? XD

2. Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto ver. 2013

Possibly one of the more underrated dat songs, Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto is such a great song to listen, but sadly it lost all the magic that made the original so good…it’s like they diluted the great guitar lines that make the original SO GOOD and replaced it with synths >.<.  Actually listening to the song even further, it sounds like she has not resung the songs…bummer.  “Starry Heavens” was a much better track that changed…I was disappointed here.

3. Ninin Sankyaku ver. 2013

The only Tales song to make the cut here for the change when misono went solo, Ninin Sankyaku had also had it’s guitarwork removed for the most part and gave it a more GND-ish feel.  Though if it had to happen, it would sound like this so my expectations were met.  I kind of like it, but at the same time the original was pretty damn good so this is kind of on the fence for the most part!

4. Junction Punctuation Mark

Though I guess it’s a nice enough move to include 2 new tracks on this “glorifed single” I suppose.  The first song, I was surprised that the sound is similar to the previous tracks but has a lot more guitars present to match with misono’s current feel.  I’m happy misono toned down the whining that’s been plaguing her in recent times and honestly it feels like such a throwback to her days in day after tomorrow that it makes me lulz.  I actually like the song though and fits well on this mini

5. 61 Byoume no…Fura Letter Saigo no Hatsukoi ~Copernicus Tekitenkai~

The other song (with a ridiculous title again >.>) 61 Byoume no… is the slow rock ballad on the mini and I know go in with a warning right?  At least its not an acoustic song because I would’ve been cringing.  The whining is slightly more apparent here and her vibrato is a bit less liked as well…kind of ranking it low on her ballads (which isn’t hard to do).  Yeah not a very good track.



Even though misono is spacing her releases now, I guess avex felt like she needed a 2nd Tales best-of to have her fans not forget her.  At least this time they SORT-OF did some changes.  As much as I enjoy the new takes of her old songs, only one of them is good…and also…they’re lazy for not having misono resing any of the three >.<  The new tracks…well Junction Punctuation Mark is good but 61 Byoume no…is just weak…odd release…


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