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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Get The Star/Last Forever October 18, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Get The Star
  2. Last Forever
  3. Get The Star -Orland Remix- (Type C only)
  4. Get The Star (Instrumental)
  5. Last Forever (Instrumental)

1. Get The Star

Wow, a song that immediately starts with lyrics and doesn’t sound like their last bunch of singles!  Yeah, it seems that the group switched to a punk rock sound for Get The Star and it seems it’s a unison track for the group which is very surprising given the group’s sound the last couple of years.  I enjoy the melodies the ladies tackle and it fits the arrangement which I read was done by a member from Luna Sea!  I have to say, I LOVE the change for the main A-side.  Catchy tune overall!

2. Last Forever

It even carries into the other A-side!  Though this time, the song has a LOT more solo lines and is presented as a rock ballad.  I was quite surprised with Ayano, Hitomi, and I think that’s Miyu? leading the track.  I haven’t heard the group tackle a ballad in a while so it’s great to see a return to that, WITH GUITARS AND STRINGS!!!  Even though it’s vocally a little less redeeming than in “Get The Star”, this made a great ballad still.  Very nice!

3. Get The Star -Orland Remix-

Wait, a remix that isn’t done by Royal Mirrorball? THE AMOUNT OF WTF.  It begins mid-chorus with the original arrangement but loosens up and shifts into a more poppier drum n’ bass remix which has it’s ups and downs throughout the track.  I do love some of the synthwork found here, but I think the vocal melody doesn’t work when it comes to the song’s chorus.  Unique, and finally a single that didn’t have a damn RM remix!



If you’ve been a fan of TG’S for a while, this single will clearly surprise you.  I mean this single couldn’t be anymore different from well…ANY of the singles before this.  They switched from that funky, disco, style that was starting to grow stale on them and went for a more punk rock meets idol sound (not like BiS mind you) and released this single which was pretty awesome!  Get The Star and Last Forever just had solid vocals and they’re both memorable while the remix does make Get The Star bridge a little closer to stuff like “W.M.A.D” and “Unmei”.  Overall strong offering from the group, though it seems like they’re returning to their sound they’ve been following with “ROAD TO BUDOKAN 2013 ~Chiisana Kiseki~”…..hmm.


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