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CAPSULE – CAPS LOCK October 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. HOME
  4. 12345678
  5. SHIFT
  6. ESC
  7. SPACE


  1. CONTROL (extended mix)
  2. DELETE (extended mix)
  3. ESC (extended mix)


Opening the album with the ever-so prevalent introduction, HOME begins with a repetitive piano line before Nakata’s synths add melody on top of that.  To be fair, with the sound of the track I would’ve thought it’d be more a Kyarypamyupamyu intro because of the added toy piano.  I mean it’s nice but it doesn’t have a lot of direction to be honest and by the time I felt it would have, we’re already moving into the next track.


As the album’s title tracks revolve around buttons on a keyboard, it’s no surprise that it begins with someone literally jamming their fingers on a computer keyboard >.>.  I’m kind of annoyed with the repetition in the melody, but it gets pushed back when Toshiko enters but she’s heavily computerized and half the time, I don’t understand what she’s singing.  I do like a lot about this song especially once it finally gets on its legs…but it had to work up there…hm.


Some odd chords and some ticking open up our next track and honestly, I kind of was a little turned off with such a long intro.  I will say, this kind of jungle-like atmosphere mixed in with the electro elements really stuck out in a good way.  The bad thing though is the fact that this is a 6 and a half minute instrumental and to be honest, I would’ve preferred to have heard Toshiko somewhere in the song because it would’ve sounded great with how mysterious and dark this track came off.  I love the melody, but it’s missing something…

4. 12345678

Oh we get another 6 minute track.  It opens with some…weird sounds like the AHWOOOGAH horn and some weird creaking sounds as well.  God is this such a turnoff from the song.  It’s like a calamity of sounds to make a song out of it and it tries to come together with Nakata’s synthwork and 8bit stuff.  I mean when the halfway mark passes then Toshiko starts to sing but by then I’m SOOO annoyed by the arrangement that she totally flies by me with not much notice on my part.  Suffice to say, I hate this song XD.


To be honest, the only “capsule-like” song on the album has to be SHIFT but it does take some elements from “CONTROL” which I don’t totally mind but similarities are a bit surprising.  The whole glitching of Toshiko’s lines is also quite a bit jarring, but there’s something about this tinkering that made me think there was something a bit genius about the tune.  I enjoyed it!

6. ESC

Only a second longer than “HOME”, ESC starts off with this ominous breeze and some whispery voices and then bubbles and dark piano lines and other random shit (ala “12345678” but less distracting).  Really that’s all there is to it…atmospheric and yet…doesn’t even fit on this album.  I mean it’s also a bit off to have an interlude on such a short album as it is, but holy shit was this the epitome of useless.


After that colossal failure, SPACE comes in with a certain atmospheric but a little more electro (like “WORLD OF FANTASY”) but keeps it on a chill pace.  It’s nice to hear Toshiko return to the vocals, but it just sounds like she’s just ~ahhhhh-ing~ the entire track which makes it lose points for not filling in the spaces because that was just disappointing to me.  Lost potential in this tune >.>


The final track on the album slightly mirrors “HOME” with a piano introduction but it leads to something that kind of reminds me of something they would’ve done from their debut album, “High Collar Girl” minus the synths that are present.  Sadly once again it’s like a 5 minute outro…with no Toshiko…man what is with the absence?  Honestly, this was boring…

Tracks Recommended


Song of Avoidance

  • 12345678

With capsule changing labels and changing their name to CAPSULE…their first album…honestly sucks.  I mean this could be their worst album they’ve done since they debuted.  I mean if there was a theme, it didn’t stick very well and a lot of the songs sounds more Nakata than CAPSULE…I mean Toshiko only appeared in half the songs, but one she was just ahhh-ing and another the song sucked entirely.  Yeah, I have no idea what went wrong and I wished Nakata had some liner notes about this one because right now…MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.


4 Responses to “CAPSULE – CAPS LOCK”

  1. Abraham Says:

    I think this was just an experiment gone very very wrong. Some of these sound like freakin’ vocaloid songs too, which I don not enjoy. I dunno, Nakata is losing his touch. I think he put all his effort into LEVEL 3 tbh.

  2. Miknayr Says:

    i reallly appreciate these reviews even though theyre subjective

    i found myself checking back here multiple times to update my playlist and i saw that you like comments.


  3. You weren’t kidding about “12345678.” God, that was horrible.

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