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Chiaki Kuriyama – 0 November 5, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. 0
  2. voice
  3. 0 (Moonbug remix)
  4. voice (Moonbug remix)
  5. 0 (instrumental)
  6. voice (instrumental)

1. 0

It’s kind of strange that we’re getting this song NOW (at the end of October) because 0 was released as a digital single back in May >.>.  Anyways, the song hasn’t changed since its initial release and honestly, that’s good because 0 is such a cool change for Chiaki!  Unlike her pop/rock singles before, this is more EDM and full of auto-tune which might surprise many of her fans.  The song is quite cool and fun to listen to and really gives Chiaki a range of sound that I really love!

2. voice

At least Chiaki puts a B-side to make up for how old “0” is.  I wasn’t sure what we were going to get, but voice seems to more closely related to her previous singles by being rock-tinged but somehow Chiaki is still under auto-tune which is a bit strange to listen, but it kind of adds a different sound against the arrangement.  I do wonder how much better it’d sound like if Chiaki wasn’t under the vocal filters but this isn’t bad.

3. 0 (Moonbug remix)

Hmmm remixes huh?  Well I wasn’t surprised the remixes were going to be more electronic but the Moonbug remix takes 0 into a dubstep field and while I like that it isn’t a TOTAL mess but the effects can be a little too much to listen to.  Though I do love that the remix keeps it’s glossy feel but at the same time bring enough change.  The dubstep parts though are definitely the highlights of the song though!

4. voice (Moonbug remix)

Then I became curious as to how voice would be treated and I really like that intro and how the track keeps some of the guitar lines but I can’t get behind Chiaki’s glitched vocals because it just gets annoying!  It’s alright of a remix, but it doesn’t capture my attention as much as “0’s” did.



While it has been 5 months since “Toyosu☆Luciferin”, I felt like this single was a slight copout just to have 0 a bit more available.  Not to say it was a weak single but was it necessary?  I mean, I guess voice was alright of an addition and the remixes were OK at best…but the single was still shining the most from 0.  I really liked that Chiaki took a chance with something a bit more electro and it worked in that respect.  Who knows what she’ll do next!


One Response to “Chiaki Kuriyama – 0”

  1. Mint Says:

    la la larks (Yumi from School Food Punishment’s new band) produced this single! I personally LOVE this single! I’m surprised you didn’t recognize how familiar the music sounded! Then again I didn’t at first either.

    Overall “Zero” is kind of a grower, but once I listened to it more and more I grew to LOVE it. Hoping la la larks produce more tracks on Chiaki’s next album, if she has a next album.

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