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Kyarypamyupamyu – Mottai Night Land November 5, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Mottai Night Land
  2. Sungoi Aura
  3. Ninjari Ban Ban -extended mix-
  4. Mottai Night Land -instrumental-
  5. Sungoi Aura -instrumental-

1. Mottai Night Land

Initially, the song really didn’t do much for me in the first couple listens, but then somehow it started to work its magic on me like “Tsukema Tsukeru” did back then and yeah, there are some similarities between the two but I think that’s kind of why I like it.  This song is quick-paced and has some really interesting part like the piano melodies and the “Halloween-ish” sounds in the background of the 2nd verse.  Overall, it doesn’t surpass most of the “Nanda Collection” singles, but this is a good start to a new era.

2. Sungoi Aura

A 3-minute track for a B-side?  It’s strange to say but it’s actually faster than “Mottai Night Land”.  I do like that it’s so kiddy and youthful of a song but the song doesn’t seem to resonate any other way really but almost a clone of her other B-sides but the big thing is the speed and the piccolo melody that comes in once in a while.  It’s cute, but it’s a little much for me >.<.

3. Ninjari Ban Ban -extended mix-

Following suit, the single rounds out with the extension of Ninjari Ban Ban.  Unlike the lazy extended take of “Fashion Monster”, Nakata actually worked a stronger intro for Ninjari and it works (even though it is your typical club intro).  Of course once the intro of the tune starts, it kind of just follows the same song with not a lot of noticeable changes but hey I have no problem because I enjoyed this song a lot originally.



As the first single after her sophomore album, she started off in the middle with Mottai Night Land.  As much as the song makes me happy, it’s kind of in the same position as “Tsukema Tsukeru” and “Furisodation” where there’s just so many leading songs that are just better, but they are good nonetheless.  Sungoi Aura is rather forgetful and bit hyper for me…though it seems her B-sides struggle to make me enjoy them in full lol.  Of course there’s Ninjari Ban Ban being extended and it’s more or less effective because I love the original and the extension really just adds a longer intro and outro.  Overall not a bad start, but let’s hope Kyary gets better (wishes “Into Darkness” was a bonus TBH”).


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