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BoA – Message/Call my name November 13, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Message
  2. Call my name
  3. Message (Inst)
  4. Call my name (Inst)

1. Message

Ahhh, BoA’s Autumn single is people call it.  I was kind of wondering what to expect since “Tail of Hope” was nice!  Message actually is a nice cool song that’s chilled out and kind of REALLY pulls me back to some earlier JPN BoA and I really felt some nostalgia here and I loved it.  I really love BoA’s voice as well…it just seemed so smooth and the chorus is just catchy as hell XD.  Yeah this was an impressive song for sure!

2. Call my name

The other A-side of the single actually has a bit more of a dance-feel but also seems to fuse with a haunting piano melody that really gives this new and unique feel and honestly I love it!  I’m also loving the dual melodies in the chorus…busy but it felt almost like it adds to this air about the song.  Yeah, it’s so different and I’m loving it more than “Message”.



Wow, I didn’t think she could’ve topped her last single but goddamn this single is the best thing BoA has put in a LOOOOONG time.  Message is like old BoA but brought up to speed with current R&B and I love it tons!  Call my name on the other hand is a freaky cool setting for her and I just love the eerie, yet cool feel about it.  Yeah this is a *RECOMMENDED* single for me…great single!


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