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Koda Kumi – Dreaming Now! November 13, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Dreaming Now!
  2. XXX
  3. Ai no Uta (Live @ a-nation statdium fes.2013) (First Press only)
  4. LALALALALA (Live @ Yaon) (CD Live only)
  5. All for you (LIVE @ KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love&Songs ver.) (Fanclub Edition only)

1. Dreaming Now!

It’s been a while since a Kuu song has impressed me a lot and I’m happy it’s Dreaming Now! which is kind of a mix of dance pop and a LIGHT reggaeton feel.  Add in that Kuu sounds lively and the song itself sounds quite active and has a great party vibe to it.  I just love the chorus and the afterchorus as well…though the mid8 section was a bit odd being that typical dubstep breakdown…but minus that, the song is a nice surprise and one of Kuu’s best songs in a while!

2. XXX

Not to be confused with “XXX” which was a SOULHEAD feat. Kuu song, the B-side is already looking scandalous! ~Who’s the bad girl?~ kicks things off and I’m already loving the pounding beat and the more raw sound Kuu is throwing off.  I actually was surprised this was just a B-side because this is badass and I’m loving the grittier feel and just overall style.  Great song!

3. Ai no Uta (Live @ a-nation stadium fes.2013)

The last song on first press releases is a live version of Ai no Uta (which is a song I haven’t listened to in a long time).  I actually will say that she performed the song quite nicely live but it seems that she rarely doesn’t sound bad live XD.  Not much else to say, I still kind of forget this song as it’s one of Kuu’s many forgetful ballads.



*will review the other two lives, if they leak*.  I don’t know why, but Kuu has been steadily going into my forgetful list but at least I know she’s still able to put out good single like Dreaming Now! (even though the covers are so bad).  Both main tracks are REALLY good and upbeat songs and makes up for the forgetfulness of “Koishikute” and “Summer Trip” to be honest.  The live of Ai no Uta is solid…the only eh thing was the yelling, twas’ a bit loud…makes me wonder how she made the other two songs live.


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