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Larval Stage Planning – Sympathy November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Sympathy
  2. Dramatic Make It
  3. Sympathy (Off Vocal)
  4. Dramatic Make It (Off Vocal)

1. Sympathy

I was kind of wondering where’d the trio would end up with their 3rd single and Sympathy kind of sticks to what the group has been doing since their debut.  I’m not exactly totally sure where I stand with the song because while Airi, Rin, and Nami sound a bit better than their last single, “Trip”.  If it was just one singer, I would’ve penned this as a typical anison track so the trio effect does make it somewhat better but the arrangement just screams a bit bland.

2. Dramatic Make It

Usually their B-sides seem to be the better song (as it has been on their previous two singles) and Dramatic Make It actually takes the group into more of a technopop / idol sound which is a tad strange to throw the trio into but the song has a lot of nice effects.  I still can’t exactly say who’s who…I think Rin is the one singing the higher melodies…either way, the song was made for her and I kind of liked it…still not like “Dreamroid” or “Chapter.5”.  Still, it’s the better track.



LSP finally finishes their debut era with Sympathy and like their previous singles, I’m basically feel the same way as I did with their previous…the same ole, same ole.  Sympathy is a pretty anison track and suits the three various girls.  However, Dramatic Make It is cute technopop done well and I’m happy all the B-sides make their album, “LSP”.


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