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Leo Ieiri – Message November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Message
  2. Wake you up
  3. Sabrina (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2013.3.27) (Regular only)
  4. Kimi Dake (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2013.3.27) (Regular only)
  5. Kokoro no Ka.ta.chi (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2013.3.27) (Limited A only)
  6. Mister (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2013.3.27) (Limited B only)
  7. Message (Instrumental)
  8. Wake you up (Instrumental)

1. Message

It’s been a while since I reviewed Ms. Ieiri, but it feels like a good time to rejoin the fandom and Message is actually not bad for a single that I missed reviewing.  After her her first three singles, I was quite curious to what Leo would release and while this song is the weakest of her A-sides so far, Message isn’t totally bad for a mid-tempo song but there’s something a bit forgetful about it.

2. Wake you up

The lone B-side, Wake you up is a lot of what I didn’t like about “LEO” because it has such a strong Country Western sound mixed in with her pop sound as well.  That being said, despite my initial negative reaction, it’s pretty nice, but once again like “Message”, nothing to really write home about.  Later on, it does get bouncy and it sounds more interesting than the earlier half.  Still…hmmm

3. Sabrina (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2013.3.27)

So there are 3 editions of this single released and each of the have a different live versions of songs, though the Regular edition came with two (though I didn’t get the 2nd one >.>).  The one I got included a live version of her debut song, Sabrina!  I haven’t heard Leo live, but damn she performs quite strongly in a live setting, the energy is vibrant and Leo sounds great overall…Pretty awesome live!



As the first single after her debut album, “LEO”, Message started the era off in a rather mundane and kind of mediocre way.  Neither the A-side or Wake you up really stood out in anyway, shape, or form.  At least the live version of Sabrina was pretty powerful (and I assume the other 3 are more of the same!).  I just hope she picks up on the next single (that just came out recently XD).


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