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Shoko Nakagawa – Zoku Konton November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Zoku Konton
  2. Guren Doku Nisshoku
  3. Zoku Konton (instrumental)
  4. Guren Doku Nisshoku (instrumental)
  5. Kabukichou no Joou -2011-12-20.Nakano Sun Plaza Ver.-

1. Zoku Konton

I was wondering what Shokotan would do after well two not-so-good mini-albums, but one look at the revealing cover art showed a TOTALLY different side to Shoko.  Zoku Konton doesn’t take the cute route, but has a more darker feel (Halloween release) and then it mixes different ideas like rock and a little synth-pop, but the best thing is Shokotan’s rock vocals which always impress me more than her poppier stuff.  I really was surprised at this and is one of the more impressive releases this year!

2. Guren Doku Nisshoku

Then again, I was more perplexed with how the B-side would sound because it basically comes in English as “Raspberry Eclipse” with a title like that, how could you not be curious?  To be honest, I did not expect the B-side to be almost heavy metal in style which blew me away.  That said, Shokotan is singing in her deep vocals and I’ve already talked about that.  This single is powerful and has a very cool dramatic V-kei feel to it…I feel like this blew “Zoku Konton” out of the water…just badass!!

3. Kabukichou no Joou -2011-12-20.Nakano Sun Plaza Ver.-

After the instrumentals of the two tracks beforehand, we get a live version of a song that I’ve never heard of that is until I researched and found out that it’s a Shokotan cover of a Shiina Ringo tune!  It’s a short tune being over slightly 2 minutes.  Being as this was a performance almost 2 years ago, Shokotan did some good justice here.  Her voice did seem a bit too leveled on one note, but overall it was a good performance.



After releasing those two meh minis, “nsum” and “UCHI-SHIGOTO”, it was definitely nice for Shokotan to regroup and return with such a badass single with Zoku Konton.  I think this is one of her better A-sides she’s released but it’s so over-shadowed with Guren Doku Nisshoku which was just all kinds of badass…why it wasn’t the A-side shocks me.  Plus the live version of Kabukichou no Jouu was nice, but short.  I just can’t wait for her next single.


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