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supercell – Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase
  2. M.K.O
  3. Yuuyake Blues
  4. Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase (TV Edit)
  5. Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase -Instrumental-
  6. M.K.O -Instrumental-
  7. Yuuyake Blue -Instrumental-
  8. Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

1. Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase

After the impression I was left with “The Bravery”, I was wondering where Koeda and ryo would end up and I was surprised that the song is pretty anison but actually it continued where Koeda’s more rougher vocals were given a more energetic song and honestly, it so fits Koeda which easily means ryo cleaned up his ways because she sounds like she’s finally comfortable singing edgier songs.  I like the more in-your-face arrangement and it sounds pretty Japanese (sounds like a samurai battle, mixed in with anison).  Yeah, I actually think this is Koeda’s strongest A-side since joining with ryo.

2. M.K.O

Then we get into M.K.O and we unfortunately we get back to Koeda’s cutesy vocals which mixed with ryo’s punk rock sound DOES NOT work here.  I think I’ve complained about that on most of the stuff from ryo’s album with Miku Hatsune, the only difference this is an actual voice.  I think if Koeda sung this like she sung the A-side this would’ve been an amazing song, but damn did she take me out of the song…I’m sorry but this was just not going to cut it.

3. Yuuyake Blues

Then the final B-side begins with harmonica and some light marching drums and guitar playing behind Koeda who’s singing very quietly and trying to have a “lighter” voice.  Then the chorus comes in and she’s wailing like YUKI through it and it’s just a big turnoff for me.  For being one of the more basic songs on the single, it’s also the worst.



Closing out the Koeda era before “ZIGAEXPERENTIA” releases (and a possible member change), the 5th single, Hakushu Gassai Uta Awase is the BEST A-side of the entire era, but the rest of the single just falls flat when Koeda tries going back for a cuter sound which doesn’t work with either setting.  ryo, please utilize Koeda better and stop making her sound cutesy when she clearly can’t sound good at that >.<


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