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yanaginagi – Yukitoki November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Yukitoki
  2. Oto no Nai Yume
  3. Surréalisme
  4. Yukitoki (instrumental)
  5. Oto no Nai Yume (instrumental)
  6. Surréalisme (instrumental)

1. Yukitoki

I was curious to see how nagi would finish up this era and after “Zoetrope” I was so ready for whatever she was going to put out.  Unlike the previous A-side, she actually put out a rather pleasant anison tune with Yukitoki!  Her voice is lighter and sung in a higher register which is pretty nice but the only flaw for me is that it isn’t AS good as her previous four singles which is understandable IMO.  It’s not bad at least and suits with nagi’s style of music!

2. Oto no Nai Yume

The first B-side, is the dreamy Oto no Nai Yume and this kind of song really finds its way onto me and I just instantly find myself taken to this dreamscape because of the ethereal atmosphere and light, airy vocals from nagi that spoke so much more levels than it did on “Yukitoki”.  Very nice and one of her better B-sides!

3. Surréalisme

When I saw this title, I knew it was going to be something totally different and it really is because this has a certain ALI PROJECT flair about that I found unique and the almost French styled wackiness just stood out to me.  Add in the super quick lyrics from nagi also caught me off guard up until the chorus where it goes into this flowy and waltz-like side…but then goes back to this interesting sound in the verses.  I have to say, this amount of creativity always seems to impress me a LOT and it’s sad that this wasn’t the A-side because this could easily compete for best A-side of the era!



As nagi’s 5th and final single before her major label debut album “euaru”, Yukitoki might be nagi’s weakest A-side but it leveled up because of both B-sides here which were quite amazing songs in their own right!  Oto no Nai Yume being dreamy and very nice to sit back and listen while Surréalisme is just French abstract art is all I can say and I LOVED IT!!!  Though I’m sad it won’t be on the album >.<


One Response to “yanaginagi – Yukitoki”

  1. I really liked the atmosphere from Yukitoki as Nagi’s voice made the song more hopeful. Something about it everytime I hear it makes me feel happy. Oto no Nai Yume was the one that catch me initially as the sound was real calm and relaxed, the “ahh~ ” were so cool to me 😀

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