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Yun*chi – Shake you* November 22, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Shake you*
  2. dual*
  3. Road*
  5. Shooting star*

1. Shake you*

Opening her 2nd mini-album, Shake you* is actually a lot better of a song to promote the album than what “Reverb*” was to her debut mini.  It’s more of that electropop, but this one actually sounds a lot stronger and has a pretty nice beat to it.  Yun*chi’s vocals also do sound a bit stronger, but still a bit off at different points of the song.  I like it, but it’s not exactly on the highest of the electropop craze…still it’s a good way to kick things off.

2. dual*

I think dual* was also used a promo material as well and unlike the glossy “Shake you*”, dual* is a very lowkey but also odd song for Yun*chi because it lies in it’s weird rhythm sections and the electronics are so haphazardly placed so it has this original and unique sound.  It’s a strange song and I’m still kind of unsure how I feel about it.

3. Road*

I was kind of surprised we moved from the abstract “dual*” to something a bit more together and yet mysterious which I’m loving the arrangement a LOT.  Yun*chi’s vocals do sound lighter to fit the more acoustic arrangement, but she does stress those higher notes out there so it comes out sharp and a bit awkward, but overall..she seemed to give a sort of “YUKI-like” experience here.


I was hoping she’d be going back to a bit more of an up-tempo beat for the rest of the mini-album and she sort of does it with VOYAGER* which by going with the title has an outer space kind of emotion to it, which sounded pretty nice!  Though once again those high notes are a bit rough and you can hear her struggle trying to keep on pitch lol.  Not the best, but it’s passable.

5. Shooting star*

Ending the mini-album is the eponymous ballad, Shooting star* and with as thin of vocals Yun*chi has, I was clearly worried here since she didn’t do that from her first mini.  I do feel like she was going for more of a dramatic tune, but with her voice being as shrill as it is, it just didn’t work…especially the chorus where she even made me shudder because her voice just created this huge rift between the arrangement and herself…ick!



Being her 2nd mini-album, Shake you* might be in the same vicinity as how I felt with “Yun*chi*”.  She did come out strong with the title track but the quality started to decline after that.  dual* was OK and pretty different from something I’d expect from her and Road* too but her vocals started to get on my nerves.  It wasn’t until the last two tracks where it just became hard to get through the songs.  I feel like she’d do better with edgier songs (ala MEG) and less on the ballads and cute songs, but it’s just my opinion.  Overall, it was just OK >.<


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