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Tohoshinki – OCEAN November 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. OCEAN
  2. Wedding Dress
  3. OCEAN -Rising Starr Remix- (CD only)
  4. OCEAN -Less Vocal-
  5. Wedding Dress -Less Vocal-


I was expecting THSK to release a summery pop song with OCEAN (because the cover art kind of showed it) but it seems they released another electro dance track and I couldn’t believe they surprised with this one.  It’s a pretty solid song from them and I love hearing Changmin throughout the track, especially when he growls in the prechorus!  Overall not bad!

2. Wedding Dress

As for the B-side, Wedding Dress takes things to a more slower tempo kind of track.  I do like the mix of synths and piano together here and it keeps to the duo’s R&B style in a nice way, but it reminds me of many songs from “TIME” in where it’s poppy, but a bit serious in and around.  I will say finally Changmin sounded good in the setting, but once again, it’s not a song I’ll probably return to (well unless it’s on a future album).

3. OCEAN -Rising Starr Remix-

The CD only of course brings a remix of the A-side and it actually made the track even more electro than the original version which could only mean that I would end up paying more attention here and I like the changes the remixer did here. It gave the song a much darker tone and the beat is siiiick!!!  It’s definitely a strong remix for the group and I kind of prefer it more LOL.



Ahhh the first single after “TIME” and OCEAN turned out nicely.  The leading track was a surprise in comparison with its title and art covers, but it seemed to fit the duo’s energetic routines, but the remix definitely sounded SO much better.  Wedding Dress is kind of your run-of-the-mill mid-tempo song from Tohoshinki so it kind of went by without much of an effect on me.  Overall it’s a good start.


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