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Tohoshinki – SCREAM November 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  2. Disvelocity
  3. SCREAM -the other side mix- (CD only)
  4. SCREAM -Less Vocal-
  5. Disvelocity -Less Vocal-


With a title like SCREAM, at least it wasn’t a big surprise like “OCEAN” was so I expected a more grittier and emotional ride.  Actually this song really kind of reminded me of a more cohesice “Fated”.  I’m a sucker for when Tohoshinki gets all angry and angsty and it feels like it totally worked for them in the long run.  It might not have a strong melody like their previous A-side didn’t but the track was impressive nonetheless.

2. Disvelocity

The electro side of THSK follows to the B-side of the single and this kind of felt like it’d be perfect if it was on the “ANDROID” single because they all share this cool, funky, electronic style that seems to be the duo’s strongest asset as a duo.  I actually liked this a lot more than the lead track, but it’s no surprise there since I’m a sucker for this kind of songs.

3. SCREAM -the other side mix-

The remix on the single seems to lighten up the gritty arrangement of the original and gives it more of a hip-hop kind of groove.  It does sound a lot more empty than I though it’d be which is quite weak IMO.  I don’t know but the direction of the remix just felt like it had none and it didn’t suit with the vocal melodies (even though the song didn’t really have a strong one to begin with)…meh.



SCREAM is a nice step-up from “OCEAN” because the both tracks really gave a cool and edgy sound that well together was just better together.  I will say Disvelocity is the best track off the single because it’s more of what I’ve enjoyed from the duo since they well…started as a duo.  The remix is meh and can be passed up entirely.  Much better, but I hope they keep this up!


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