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GENERATION 6: Kalos END!…Wait, what?!? November 27, 2013

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Yup, the Kalos Pokedex (well with 6th Gen only) comes up to only 72 Pokemon (so far, this has been a very eerie generation).  So yes, this is the 2nd of the 3rd posts which is a bit uneventful, but after the 3rd the Review of Pokemon Y will be written up soon!  Until then, let’s get to the remaining Pokémon!

037: Inkay, 038: Malamar


Our first set of Pokemon of this post, Inkay & Malamar are quite the unusual ones to begin with!  First off, they have the unique typing Dark/Psychic (though if you were going by looks, wouldn’t you have said it should’ve been part Water somewhere since they are based off of squids and all.  The other big thing is that once they hit level 30, Inkay can evolve into Malamar.  The trick?  you have to flip your 3DS (or 2DS) when they level and well…ta-da, Malamar is at you possession.  Cool trick to evolve, but will they keep it at that or will they do like Milotic and retcon it?  Who knows.

Though that was answered in Gen 8 with the change to the Switch.  Though it’s mostly the same way but taking the Switch in handheld mode, and flip it…clever Gamefreak.

039: Binacle, 040: Barbaracle


Our line of Pokemon for a while are all marine-based Pokemon which makes sense because we’re in the Coastal Dex at this point.  Binacle and Barbaracle are honestly running at the top spot for ugliest designs yet.  It’s Rock/Water typing has been seen before (mostly with the Kanto fossils (sans Aerodactyl), Corsola, Relicanth, and the Carracosta line.  It seems bulky though which I’ll give it that, but I just don’t like its design…kind of creepy to be honest, especially Barbaracle (who you can evolve Binacle to at lvl 39). A little grinding but I think if you like a brute, I’m sure Barbaracle is a good choice!

041: Skrelp, 042: Dragalge


Pokemon Y gets another exclusive Pokemon in the form of Skrelp who is a Poison/Water type (shares with the Tentacruel line and Qwilfish).  Nothing to terribly to note with Skrelp BUUUUT it evolves at lvl. 49 into the unique Poison/Dragon type, Dragalge which might not be so great because it’s quite frail.  The other strange fact, the Dragalge line is the only Kalos Poison types so people with X won’t get any new Poison PKMN (unless they trade).

043: Clauncher, 044: Clawitzer


Pokemon X fans though get their own Water exclusive in Clauncher and it evolves into it’s evolved form Clawitzer two levels before Skrelp does at Lvl. 37.  Unlike the interesting typing we get from the Dragalge line, the Clawitzer line is pure Water.  I do have to say that I feel like this line kind of parallels the Kingler line right down to the big claw effect.  Though it looks quite nice overall and would love to own one of these babies!

045: Helioptile, 046: Heliolisk


Based on the Frilled Lizard, Helioptile at first didn’t come off to me as one (until we actually see the damn frills) because I initially thought it might have been related to Mawile (OH HOW WRONG I WAS).  I will also admit that even though it has a unique dual type of Normal/Electric, I will always feel a little awkward with anything that isn’t a Flying type sharing a Normal type XD (granted there’s a lot more now than there used to be).  BTW, considering it uses solar power as energy for itself, it makes sense that to get a Heliolisk, you have to evolve through a Sun Stone (seems like the only stone that really has an importance to the Kalos Pokemon (well next to the Dawn and Dusk stone to get Florges and Aegislash respecitvely).

047: Tyrunt, 048: Tyrantrum


We move into the region’s fossil type Pokemon and once again can only choose one or the other (though later can get through trading).  Tyrunt is up first where you can revive it from the Jaw Fossil.  It comes with a unique typing: Rock/Dragon and a cool ability that powers up moves that involve the jaw (which the Tyrantrum line is full of) and boy does it look like a beast!  I will say that I didn’t choose him in my playthrough, but I probably would have gotten more use out of it than the other one.

049: Amaura, 050: Aurorus


If you chose the Sail Fossil, you get the ever so “my little pony-esque” Amaura and this also has a unique typing of Rock/Ice AND a cool ability where all its Normal-type moves become Ice-types which is pretty cool offensively but at the same time Ice kind of sucks when it comes to defenses but Aururos’ line is part Rock so it kind of cancels out.  Overall, it was a nice Pokemon, but many others took its position later in the game sadly (plus it got knocked out a lot under me).  Though it’s funny that on the board, Tyrantrum would get its ass kicked because he’s weak against Ice.

OH and they evolve during the day (Tyrantrum) and night (Aurorus) which is something I don’t think has happened since the Sinnoh games.

051: Sylveon


The only Kalos PKMN that evolves from a different regioned Poke, Sylveon is the 8th Eevolution.  To represent the new Fairy type it wasn’t surprising that Eevee would be the best way to kind of give the new typing a face with Sylveon.  To get one, you have to have a Fairy-type move on your Eevee and work REAL hard in the Pokemon-amie to get it really liking you before it evolves on the next level (which means you can obtain quite (actually right when you get it and Level it once).  It’s a bit strange (and like earlier, will probably change with future generations because I’m sure Pokemon-amie will be forgotten.  Overall, I like it a lot and almost made my Elite 4 team.

Gen 8 made it slightly more easier in obtaining it due to Friendship & Affection being combined, so doing Camps and battling with it will boost it up (plus you can just easily catch one in the Lake of Outrage during foggy days.

052: Hawlucha


Man, the amount of hatred Hawlucha got before the game came out was astounding because they couldn’t believe there’d be a Lucha Libra Pokemon (to be honest, it looks like Tizoc from King of Fighters/Garou: Mark of the Wolves).  With a unique typing of Fighting/Flying (yet cannot participate in Sky Battles), Hawlucha was actually a pretty strong Pokemon from the getgo and it even has a signature move in Flying Press (which is a Fighting-type move, but also gives out Flying-type damage as well, but no 4x damage xD).  Such a cool Pokemon and is one of the highest leveled on my team.  Pretty cool guy!

053: Dedenne


I was wondering where our Pika-esque Pokemon would end up and it’s quite in the back.  I still think it looks a lot like a miniature Raichu (because of the coloring) it’s kind of got its niche because it has a typing of Electric/Fairy!  I never caught one in the game until everything was said and done, so I don’t exactly know how good it is, but I quite think it’s adorable!

054: Carbink


When I saw this think, I was just like AWWWW and then it’s name was Carbink and I INSTANTLY thought one of the Final Fantasy summons: Carbuncle.  I mean they do share similarities like the bunny-esque look to the gem on its forehead.  Carbink also has the type of Rock/Fairy which is definitely another cool Pokemon to utilize it.  There’s another reason of interest in this Pokemon but I’ll mention it later.

055: Goomy, 056: Sliggoo, 057: Goodra


As the last Pokemon to evolve twice, it’s of course the Dragon-pseudos of the generation and they’re pure Dragons (which sucks because they gooey and drippy look, you’d think they’d be part Water too).  Goomy is so cute (and looks like an enemy that belongs in Yoshi’s Island) and then to see that it’s called the weakest of the dragons is well true (though it really doesn’t look like one).  At this point, I would say if you were to catch it now, you’ll have problems for a while.  If you work it up to Lvl. 40 (or just move on and catch it’s evolved form, Sliggoo on a different route) it’ll get way better.  To get Goodra, you have to level it up to 50, but you have to get it leveled in an area that’s currently rained upon.  Weird way to evolve but makes sense since it’s a gooey dragon xD.  Not my favorite Pokemon though in Kalos.

058: Klefki


I don’t exactly get the hate either on Klefki just because it’s based off an inanimate object (because Electrode, Garbodor, Magneton, Vanilluxe, etc.) totally hasn’t happened before lol.  Klefki though does look rather odd with it’s keychain look and the keys it holds (hmmmm…keys could be useful).  Plus, the pink dangling thing looks weird.  I will say it’s typing of Steel/Fairy is cool and really made a look on my team for a while (before I dropped him for someone else on my final team).  I kind of wonder what Masuda could do with it in the future.

059: Phantump, 060: Trevenant


At first I thought the next two sets were going to be exclusives for X & Y, but it turns out they totally aren’t.  The Trevenant line comes first and I am surprised that we’ve known about Trevenant for so damn long and didn’t get its name until the game basically came out.  Even though this line and the next line both have the unique typing of Ghost/Grass, the weird thing is the evolution.  To get Trevenant, you have to trade your Phantump over…it’s all good until you learn that you can catch higher-leveled wild Trevenant in the forest before the Pokemon Village (kind of a moot point huh GameFreak?).

061: Pumpkaboo, 062: Gourgeist


The other Ghost/Grass type, I felt like it was nice they were representing Halloween (game came out 10/12) with these two Pokemon.  Unlike Trevenant, Gourgeists cannot be found in the wild and thus you have to trade off your Pumpkaboo over to obtain one.  The other shtick is that there are 4 forms of it ranging from Tiny size to Super Size (and that’s rare and they come with their own cry).  The difference between the four sizes are within the stats (and not really visually besides obviousness).  The smaller, the quicker but the largest size has more HP (Hit Points) and Attack stats.  It’s a different gimmick and it gives people something to think about when looking for one of these to join their team.

063: Bergmite, 064: Avalugg


The only Pokemon, the kind of made me go ~huh~ was the Avalugg line because they just seemed so odd to be found near the end of the Kalos-only dex.  They are also pure Ice types so to me, it was one of those…what makes them worthwhile? and I’m still trying to figure that out.  I mean you get Bergmite a couple levels short of its lvl. 37 evolution, Avalugg.  That said, Avalugg looks odd to me, like it’s a tabletop xD (then again it says aircraft carrier looks from Bergmite’s all over so that is something remarkable).  I don’t know I feel like it could use a 2nd Evolution to get by).

065: Noibat. 066: Noivern


I guess this is considered the pseudo-legendary of Kalos.  I knew Noivern had to be the final evolution of something, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be JUST Noibat.  As a Flying/Dragon, it’s not totally unique in its typing and when you find Noibat in Victory Road (or Terminus Cave), Noibat is caught already ready to evolve into Noivern.  It’s quite a beast as well and I just love using it!  Though my only qualm is….STOP USING THE ___BAT TO GET BY….we have enough of those to deal with XD.

067: Xerneas


Going straight into the legendaries, (notice there’s no trio team because that trio turned out to be the Kanto birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres).  We come to Xerneas and it’s a pure Fairy type which means its definitely the ONLY Fairy legendary (well, for now).  I have Y, so I haven’t seen how much wreckage it can do, but it seems to do well.  I still do think it looks like a super skinny Dialga with modified Stantler/Sawsbuck horns XD.  After using it, Xerneas is interesting and one of the few (if not currently the only) legendary whose move only buffs its stats (Geomancy).  I guess it gets points there!

068: Yveltal


I knew I was going to love Yveltal to death (ironic considering it’s the Pokemon representing Death, while Xerneas is Life).  Sadly being a Dark/Flying means it’s not a unique Pokemon (Honchkrow’s line and Mandibuzz’ line share this typing).  I still think it’s badass and its signature move, Oblivion Wing is just too epic (though it kind of sucks in its first battle against Lysandre).  Still what a cool Pokemon and I still prefer it to Xerneas anyday (though I would love a Fairy legendary).

069: Zygarde


The final in the Kalos Dex (or is it) is the Dragon/Ground (ugh not unique) Zygarde and it’s REALLY strange that its base stats are considerably weaker than the X & Y legendaries and its focus is balance between the two.  I felt like its typing could’ve been Poison/Ground (a unique typing) rather than what it got (which it shares with Vibrava, Flygon, and the Garchomp line and I’m pretty sure Flygon and Garchomp surpass him).  It just seems so weird…but this could just be a similar case like Giratina and Kyurem in that the 3rd version it gets better).  He was easy to catch and his signature move Land’s Wrath is not as good as some other moves but I guess it’s something.  Though we would later find out that this Zygarde is only half of its power, mind you the Zygarde 50% Forme…

Yup, it was recently announced that Zygarde comes with 4 new formes!  One being a cell, another being the core and then a 10%, 50% and a Complete Forme…It does seem that all of these new forms will make their actual appearance in Sun & Moon though it’s curious why some of Zygarde’s signature moves were coded in X/Y but didn’t get official use until 7th Gen…strange.  Though after I played Sun & Moon, the cells of Zygarde aren’t usable in battle (and are merely collectables), the cores didn’t make an appearance at all while we’re left with 10% (the doggo), the 50% (the snake), and Complete (the gundam XD).  Also Complete’s exclusive move, Core Enforcer is awesome!

070: Diancie


As the first event PKMN, Diancie comes with the most rumors and theories on what it’s about.  It’s typing says its a Rock/Fairy which in Kalos the ONLY other Pokemon that shares that is Carbink and good lord could the similarities be anymore striking.  Though being officially announced that it is tied to Carbink, it really makes me wonder if this is a case of Phione and Manaphy where there can be so many Carbink but none can evolve into Diancie.  Oh the curiosities with this one.

In the biggest surprise, when OR/AS was announced fully, besides the starter Pokemon getting Mega Evolutions, we also got news that Diancie was getting one…The first event Pokemon and we Americans DO NOT EVEN HAVE IT YET.  This was a strange thing to find out and there’s got to be something since Diancie is available in X/Y.  Like I said until everyone else is able to get one of these, then I just can’t with a Mega Evolution LOL

071: Hoopa


The next event Pokémon is Hoopa who is a unique typing of Psychic/Ghost.  After some people datamined X/Y, they found this little guy and to be honest, I was not into it because it looked like it was going to stick to the cuter legendaries of the series.

That all changed during the OR/AS promotion where more datamining led to an alternate forme for Hoopa called “Hoopa Unbound” (while the little one is called the “Confined Hoopa”.  Definitely looks like a beast and it gets another unique move in Hyperspace Fury.  Bizarre, but I wonder how it’ll fit in the lore and the game…quite awesome!  Also, it changes its typing to Psychic/Dark!

072: Volcanion


The last event shown was of Volcanion who has the unique typing of Fire/Water (surprised it took them this long to pull out).  People are more curious on its stats and moves and the mixture of types than the theories on what is behind it (though many have deduced it’s at the Kalos Power Plant in one of the sections that is currently locked). To be honest, I LOVE THIS DESIGN.  Based on Cooling systems in reactors, Volcanion mixed with its feral look really brought it in for me.  I mean the donut tube look is a bit extreme, but I thought it made the PKMN look ever bulkier than normal.  I can wait to get my hands on this, though only a month before the 7th Generation games release???



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