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Pokemon Y (SPOILERS!) December 1, 2013

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Pokemon Y (and X) are the first games released for the 6th Generation for this VERY long-running series.  They are also the first main Pokemon RPGs on the 3DS.  If you are new (at this point I think everyone has heard of this series), Pokemon is an RPG where you train monsters and become the No.1 around.  Let’s dive right in!


Stories in the main PKMN series has never really been the highest point of its game, although Black/White & Black2/White2 tried to do something a little more since its story was a bit more stronger.  The story in X/Y is a bit more convoluted than one would expect.  It begins with Sycamore asking 5 kids: You (the main guy/girl), your Rival (Serena or Calum), Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno to go on an adventure and fill the Pokedex out.  After you beat the first gym though and get to Lumiose City, Sycamore introduces you to Mega Stones and wants the 5 to learn more about how it works, shortly after you meet Lysandre (the leader of Team Flare, which are your antagonists and Diantha (the Elite 4 Champion, though it’s not known at this point).  Team Flare’s act of evil this time is to awaken the Legendary Pokemon, Xerneas or Yveltal to bring eternal youth and beauty, but at the same time destroy those who aren’t worthy, as we learn later.

Back to where we were, you continue on your jounrey (which is mostly still obtaining the gym badges and and become the best).  You meet Korrina (the 3rd gym leader) and she introduces the Mega Ring / and Mega Stones which initially said was passed down by bloodline (OOP).  After going through and defeating more gym leaders, you meet a mysterious TALL character named AZ.  When you first meet him, you really don’t know much.  Further on down the line, Team Flare’s issue becomes more of a problem and you learn what they’re planning to do and Lysandre has imprisoned AZ.  AZ finally explains his place in the story.  Basically, AZ was the King of Kalos and he and Floette was his partner (best friend).  A war happened and Floette died in the ensuing war.  In his sorrow, he went and created a tower (or weapon) to revive it and it worked!  Though he was still pissed about the fact that Floette had died in the first place and unfortunately turned the revival machine in to a powerful weapon and ended the war with one use.  Due to that, Floette deserted AZ and disappeared.  With all that said and down Lysandre was going to use this machine with the use of Xerneas and/or Yveltal for his use and the Trainer defeated and stopped it all before it came to be.

After all that’s said and done, you return onto your final badges and finally make it to Victory Road and defeat the Elite 4.  In the ending, AZ approaches you and wants a battle after you’re done celebrating the fact you’re the Pokemon League Champion.  After the battle, he says he finally let the pain and anger go and his Floette comes back to him and well…the end.

That’s out of the way, let’s get down to thoughts.

  • The Mega Stone/Ring – You know, this was a pretty cool thing to integrate into the story, but it was kind of clunky when it became the focal point.  Initially, Korrina’s bloodline are really only the ones that should be able to wield it…but you learn that not only you, but your rival possibly, Diantha, and Lysandre could use it (which makes the meaning behind this a bit odd.
  • Lysandre & Diantha – They never really specified how these two really knew each other, though I suppose they both had different thoughts about things and Lysandre did try to persuade Diantha to think about eternal beauty and youth.  Still, I can’t help but think that there was more to their relationship IMO
  • AZ and his damn Floette – While his story actually felt more emotional than any other Pokemon story in the main games, I did feel like it kind of shoe-horned a lot to make the story even more based on the history of Kalos that was left kind of bleak and unknown really.  I would’ve loved to have understood what caused the war where Floette died and what this machine REALLY do and how Zygarde ties in with it.  It’s a nice story though, but maybe a little more could’ve been elaborated on certain things, though that ending was a bit cheesy…great for AZ, but cheesy XD.
  • Kalos, why are you filled with mysteries >.> – Honestly, this game has so many more mysteries than it should!  I mean AZ was a good mystery, the creepy girl from Lumiose City, the Strange Souvenir you get from the guy that isn’t from any of the 6 main regions, 3/4 of the Kalos Power Plant is locked, the hedge mazes in Parfum Palace…honestly there’s just too many things that we don’t know and I find that to be annoying (at least the Power Plant and Strange Souvenir).  I hope that we’ll get SOMETHING by the end of the year detailing one of these!


I’ve already talked about this when I reviewed White so I’ll re-quote it “As with all main Pokémon games for the handhelds, they are a Strategy/RPG game and the core of the game is essentially a glorified rock-paper-scissors kind of deal (I know many other people have explained this with previous games so I’ll assume everyone knows about it).  However some old moves have been shot down and some powered up and added on with the new abilities of the game, things have changed once again for the now 718 (721 including the Kalos’ events) Pokémon.  However there’s many things that have changed in the gameplay!

  • Fairy Type LET’S GO – The big gameplay change is the addition of a new type, Fairy.  They were created to even out the Dragon type but also effect Fighting and Dark types too ^_^.  A lot of the older Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Whimsicott got retyped as well with this new type!
  • Mega Evolutions, since when did this become Digimon? – Certain Pokemon in the game can further power themselves up with the Mega Evolution in which all have raised stats in some form (and some even changing types).  I don’t know if they’ll stick with this idea in future generations, but it’s neat!
  • The New Battles, hmm… – Well like in the 5th Generation, 6th came with some new types of battles.  The first is the Horde Battles where its basically 1 vs. 5.  Seems unfair, but luckily when you get into these battles, the horde is very low-level and you can only catch one if you defeat the other 4 >.>  Such BS xD.  The other are the Sky Battles where only Flying Pokemon (sans a lot of ground based ones like Dodrio, Farfetch’d, and Hawlucha) and Pokemon with the Levitate ability can partake in it.
  • PSS…SO MUCH TO DO – To take the place of the C-Gear, we get the PSS and it has a lot of things to do.  Battle against friends, trade, and even more new things as well!
  • Pokemon-amie, to bring Nintendogs to Pokemon, and make fanboys wanna rub Machoke senseless X.x – Yes, Pokemon brought in a new feature called Pokemon-amie which is pretty much like said above, Nintendogs.  You pet, play with and feed your Pokemon and keep their happiness high.  There’s also mini-games to get more PokePuffs (to feed) and eventually your Pokemon will have a lot of things going on.  Though most people will use it to get Sylveon because its necessary.  Also it’ll effect the metagame a bit since if you overdo it in Pokemon-amie, Critical Hits and evasion stats go up which might affect battles a lot.
  • Super Training, dumbing it down for dem players! – A thing that comes with every main Pokemon game is the Competitive side of battling and there were ways to train (though not really stated in the previous generations) and having that perfect Pokemon team by manipulating stats.  Super Training brings this idea to the front and is pretty easy to follow and a lot simpler than when it used to be.
  • Mr. Bonding, WHY YOU SO CREEPY?!? – Another new thing, O-Powers are abilities you can activate on the field and have different effects (like more money from trainer battles, more EXP, more encounters).  Though you get them from Mr. Bonding and he is creepy because he wants to bond and when he does, the screen goes black…HM is he the Pokemon version of a whore?  I think so xD
  • Customizing your trainer, FINALLY – Another new thing, you can customize your trainer to many things in-game, though you do have to buy things XD.  It’s definitely cool and the many looks you can have are impressive (though the Female trainers get more things).


X & Y does boast the biggest regional dex with 450 Pokemon in it before you get the National Dex.  Unfortunately 69 (72 with events, but they aren’t in the Kalos dex) are new which is the lowest of any generation to get new Pokemon which many will say it’s not bad considering the wide amount, but it still kind of sad that it’s that low. Many of them do bring in unique typings which is great though and only a couple felt redundant.


  • Graphics – I thought it was going to be great even with the first scenes we got. Everything got updated and I was blown away.  The camera looks so dynamic and full of angles and with the new 3D look, it’s pretty nifty.  About that, the game mostly DOESN’T use the 3D much and it’s a bit odd, but at the same time, makes sense since it takes a lot for the effect.  Which brings to one of the glaring problems (for me).  The battles look great first off and the Pokemon really look like living things and not sprites which is a big jump, but with that, sometimes on certain angles the framerate drops to a NOTICEABLE level which suuucks (have a horde battle with Trevenants and tell me how BAD it moves).  The characters look quite good and now we don’t look like balls which is so cool!
  • Sound: The music of X/Y isn’t as strong as Black/White was (and Lumiose City’s theme got ANNOYING after a while).  Though there are a lot of strong tracks like the Boutique, most of the Town themes, and the Gym Leader battle theme.  Overall it’s solid and nothing too wrong with it.

Post-Game Activities

  • Search for them Mega Stones! – After the E4, and doing a battle at the Battle Maison, and beating your rival, and talking to Sycamore, you are able to seach for the remaining Mega Stones that are shined upon for AN HOUR at 8pm because of Anistar City’s shining sundial.  They’re all over the place and it’s gonna take more than one day to get them all.
  • Battle Maison – Basically this is where the compettive training will help and you can win a lot of different items (some being used for evolving).
  • Legendaries! Though one of them are new >.< – Yup, you can obtain Mewtwo, Zygarde and one of the Kanto legendary birds.  Really isn’t a whole lot, but I suppose its good for completion.
  • Booker returns! – The truly story-driven activity is the returning Booker and he sends you to do some sleuthing and in the end have to battle someone quite strong.  It’s alright, but I kind of wished there was more

Also, there’s the typical completionist of finishing the Kalos Dex (since you can’t complete the National dex, yet.) because we’re getting the PokeBank and PokeTransfer to complete that test as well.


I have to say, there’s a lot of loopholes and unexplained things with in Pokemon Y (and more than likely X) that kind of left me wanting in someway to have been explained more in depth when it came to the history and their characters.  Though it did make up with the graphical advancement that came with the game that really look good (though they could’ve worked the 3D in better and not half-assed it, but the slowdown is already evident with certain battle shots and horde battles).  Another meh point is that even though the amount of Pokemon is great, having it be the least amount with around 70 is kind of a bummer.

Though I did like how much they did put into the game and the idea of that there’s going to be more going on already has me excited when could befall the game once PokeBank starts.  Still, I can’t shake the feeling that some of the game was rushed and there was more ideas that didn’t make it.

Overall good game, but not better than Gold/Silver or Black/White IMHO.