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Maon Kurosaki – X-encounter December 2, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. X-encounter
  2. unchain.
  3. X-encounter <instrumental>
  4. unchain. <instrumental>

1. X-encounter

Well I wasn’t sure what to expect after hearing Maon’s glorious sophomore album, so I was happily surprised X-encounter has more of an ani-lectro (yes I so penned it) sound to it and those were the kind of songs I loved!  This song definitely continued this streak of really good songs from Maon and is at the top of my favorite Maon songs out there!  Closed out 2013 in an awesome way!

2. unchain.

With such an awesome A-side, I was wondering what she’d throw out for a B-side.  unchain. sounds a bit more anison than X-encounter but I also love that she left some synths and some cool guitar riffs to carry the song.  Actually, it might be another favorite since it could’ve fit “VERTICAL HORIZON” quite snuggly 😛



Damn, Maon just keeps rolling out them good songs isn’t she?  Altogther, I think X-encounter is her best single yet.  Both tracks have so much energy and the arrangements are just badass cool to listen to.  This is just a wonderful single and definitely *RECOMMENDED* by me to listen to (especially if you love anison music).


One Response to “Maon Kurosaki – X-encounter”

  1. Matt91_ Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who loved this one 🙂

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