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Tohoshinki – Very Merry Xmas December 2, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Very Merry Xmas
  2. White
  3. Very Merry Xmas -Markus Bogelund’s Audio Ninja Remix- (CD only)
  4. Very Merry Xmas -Less Vocal-
  5. White -Less Vocal-

1. Very Merry Xmas

MEHHH, they typical winter song ahead it seems.  Of course I already came in with low expectations and boy is this song just kind of cheesy and bland to listen.  I think maybe the only time I found something really interesting is the afterchorus haha.  I wasn’t surprised Yunho led most of the song with Changmin taking a lot of the chorus.  Yeah, this song was just not that good.

2. White

I thought we were going to get a ballad from White, but it turns out to be a tune that actually has a solid beat going.  I will say that I like this song a lot more than the A-side and the vocals sound less tense than they were in “Very Merry Xmas”.  Still cheesy, but nice of a song nonetheless.

3. Very Merry Xmas -Markus Bogelund’s Audio Ninja Remix-

A remix of a winter song…that’s acting a bit shady no?  Unlike the jingle bells of the original, the tune gets a lowkey sound mixing with some synths and it blows out in the chorus (to be honest, I was expecting some dubstep here LOL).  I mean it’s less cheesy, but it’s a bit more messy overall.  Just not an exciting remix.



*sigh* I figured that Tohoshinki would put out such a typical single for the season and honestly, they’ve done it before with “Winter” and that was overall a nice single, but they went the wrong way with Very Merry Xmas.  White is the only redeeming song but even then it’s a little cheesy.  The A-side and its remix were just not that good and I would hope it doesn’t touch their next album (if it does, hope it’s a bonus track).


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