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Up Up Girls (Kari) – Starry Night/Seishun Build Up December 2, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Starry Night
  2. Seishun Build Up
  3. Starry Night (Instrumental)
  4. Seishun Build Up (Instrumental)

1. Starry Night

I was expecting the group to have put out a ballad with Starry Night, but it turns out the song is actually a mid-tempo dance track with some acoustic guitar backing them up.  I liked some of the song especially the verses, but the chorus has a tendency to make the girls sing high notes that they can’t exactly hit.  Though some of the verses do sound a tad bit off (like they aren’t singing on time).  It’s OK, but nothing too good when compared to the other A-sides.

2. Seishun Build Up

At first, it sounded like the took all the instrumentation from “Starry Night” and used it for the other A-side which is REALLY no good.  Though it does grow more electro as time goes by.  Actually, it kind of remind of something from Aira Mitsuki (“China Discotica” comes to mind).  I do like it has more oomph than “Starry Night” and vocally sounds better than I would’ve thought.  It’s catchy and its one of the more impressive songs they’ve done this era.



This is still not the group’s last single of the year?!?  Anyways, the group’s 8th single, Starry Night/Seishun Build Up was OK, but not the best overall single.  Starry Night would’ve been quite better if that chorus wasn’t so pitchy and high.  Seishun Build Up though did make up for it and is on the nicer side of the electro music they have (you know not the hyper trance of “UPPER ROCK” and “SAMURAI GIRLS”).  Still it’s overall a nice single…but this era has been draggingggggggg.


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