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Yun*chi – Your song* December 2, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Your song*
  2. Waon* with IroKokoro Project
  3. Fuzzy*
  4. Your song* (instrumental)
  5. Waon* with IroKokoro Project (instrumental)
  6. Fuzzy* (instrumental)

1. Your song*

Getting into Your song*, I was wondering how she’d move her electro sound and it actually is like a lot of her promo songs having a heavier beat.  Yun*chi’s vocals are a bit cuter than those songs though.  I like the beat and sound but it does sound like its been done before so the song does feel somewhat bland.  Not bad, but forgettable.

2. Waon* with IroKokoro Project

I actually had to research what IroKokoro Project was and it turns out that it’s a YouTube dubbing group (which is in the same veins like Beckii Cruel and etc.) so seeing this group mix it up with Yun*chi (who’s actually sticking with getting to be known more from the internet).  Waon* seems like a cheer song to me and I found this to be instantly catchy and hearing Yun*chi lead while IKP kind of followed her lines.  I enjoyed the beat and luckily Yun*chi’s vocals aren’t really as high as they usually are.

3. Fuzzy*

The other B-side though took the cake in my opinion.  It sounds like an 80’s song with its synth usage and beat and mixed in with Yun*chi’s vocals, its got such charm that I couldn’t help but love it!  I just fell in love with the song and is definitely the best from the single for sure.



Wow, finally an actual single?  I actually really enjoyed seeing Yun*chi release a single that didn’t turn boring…actually it got better as it went along.  Your song* was OK, but a bit generic, Waon* was cute and the collaborative effort was a nice touch to add some color to the song while Fuzzy* was just a cool new wave track and suited Yun*chi quite nicely.  Overall, it was a nice single from her and can’t wait to see what’s next for her.


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