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Ayumi Hamasaki – Feel the love/Merry-go-round December 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Feel the love
  2. Merry-go-round
  3. Feel the love (DJ Hello Kitty remix)
  4. Feel the love (Blasterjaxx remix)
  5. Feel the love -Instrumental-
  6. Merry-go-round -Instrumental-

1. Feel the love

It seemed like Ayu was pretty quiet this year, but finally releases a new single!  I was instantly happy that the primary A-side wasn’t a ballad (because she’s had too many in recent times).  Feel the love is a really great sounding EDM track though I can tell this song could be great to hear live because it’s got a lot of areas where chanting would be awesome.  I do love the pre-chorus though…great buildup!  Even though that PV was odd to say the least, I still can’t help but loving this…I’ve missed this side of Ayu (and honestly, she sounds kind of like Ayu during “Rock n’ Roll Circus” era and not this different tone she’s been pulling ever since so I really liked it.

2. Merry-go-round

So the other A-side was produced by m-flo and I was expecting a high-energy track and some of it, it passed in flying colors.  Ayu sounds really pretty in this song and did well singing along the song electro going on.  Though I could’ve lived without VERBAL rapping in the song.  That was the thing that REALLY didn’t work for me.  Still a good track, but yeah xD.

3. Feel the love (DJ Hello Kitty remix)

I’m surprised both remixes were just for Feel the love.  The first one definitely felt like it was going to give the tune a harder edge and it ways it does because the beat is heavy and the slow parts are kind of cool sounding.  In some ways it does remind me of the original mix but at the same time it really has a cooler groove.  Definitely a club banging remix.

4. Feel the love (Blasterjaxx remix)

It starts off with a pulsing beat and fades in with the melody which kind of gives the remix more of an eerie glow haha.  After Ayu’s introduction the song spirals into a louder track and then a REALLY pulsing sound.  Sometimes the pulse blocks the sound of the main synth melody so there’s this delay in sound almost which is awkward to my ears.  It only uses the chorus and hooks which is disappointing, but I suppose it’s OK.



It’s been over 2 years since Ayu released her last single, “L”.  Though she has released minis and studio albums since then so it’s not like she disappeared.  Feel the love/Merry-go-round is actually not a bad single and devoid of ballads (which is more than I could wish for).  Feel the love is a really catchy song and one of her best in a long time.  Merry-go-round could’ve been just as great if VERBAL wasn’t involved and the remixes were OK, nothing too special.  Still, not bad


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